Why would someone use my mailing address?

What to do if someone is falsely using your address?

Calling your local post office won’t do much to actually report the person or entity who is using your address illegally. For this, you will need to call the United States Postal Inspection Service.

What can someone do with your mailing address?

With a name and address, a thief can change your address via U.S. Postal Service and redirect mail to their address of choice, Velasquez says. With access to your financial mail, the thief may intercept bank statements and credit card offers or bills, then order new checks and credit cards.

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How do you find out if someone is fraudulently using my address?

Here are some signs you should look out for that may suggest someone is diverting your mail.

  1. You receive a move validation letter. …
  2. You stop receiving mail. …
  3. The billing address for your credit card changes. …
  4. You get notified that an account has been opened in your name. …
  5. Go paperless with the important stuff.

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Is it OK for someone to use your address?

Usually unless they’re using your address to receive something illegal. However, if they’re using your address as a paper address, that’s usually ok. Sometimes someone may not have a permanent address and they just want to use your address to get their mail.

Can you open mail with your address but someone else’s name?

Knowingly and purposefully opening another person’s mail is still illegal if the mail came to your address with someone else’s name on it. … Simply write, “Wrong Address” or “Return to Sender” on the envelope instead and give it back to the service that sent it.

Is it against the law to use someone else’s address without their permission?

It is not illegal per se to use someone else’s address without their consent. However, the REASON they are using the address could be where the illegal conduct arises. For example, if he is using her address to avoid paying higher taxes in CA, this would be tax evasion in CA and that is a felony.

How do you know if someone changed your mailing address?

Visit your local post office office during normal business hours. If you don’t know the correct location or hours, call (800) ASK-USPS or visit usps.com. Ask the postal clerk to check the records and see if any address changes were made in your name.

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Can someone change your mailing address without you knowing?

Diversion cons are rare but real. Because the United States Postal Service requires no documentation for a change of address, con artists can change your mailing address without you realizing it. Anyone can walk into any U.S. post office and complete a change of address (COA) form to reroute your mail.

What happens if you give out your address?

They can steal your identity. They can call banks or service providers and pretend that they are you. They provide your address and phone number as proof, and then try to steal you. They can also target you with Phishing email and calls to extract more information from you and use it against you.

How can you stop someone from using your address?

If someone is using your address without your permission, you can return unwanted mail to the sender, file complaints with the USPS and USPIS, or contact the police to stop the person from using your address.

How can I find out if someone opened a bank account in my name?

Credit-reporting agencies — such as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — collect the information that goes into your credit reports.

How to request copies of your checking account reports

  1. Certegy Check Services.
  2. ChexSystems.
  3. CrossCheck.
  4. Early Warning Services.
  5. Global Payments Check Services.
  6. TeleCheck Services.

What do you do with mail not addressed to you?

If the mailpiece is delivered to the correct location but the recipient on the mailpiece does not reside at the address:

  1. Write «Not at this address» on mailpiece.
  2. Don’t erase or mark over the address.
  3. Provide the mailpiece to your mailperson or drop into a Collection Box receptacle.
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Can I throw out mail not addressed to me?

Yes. It is a federal crime to open or destroy mail that is not intended for you. The law provides that you can not «destroy, hide, open, or embezzle» mail that is not addressed to you. If you intentionally open or destroy someone else’s mail, you are committing obstruction of correspondence, which is a felony.

How do I stop someone else’s mail from coming to my address?

So what should you do to make that happen? First of all, don’t throw the mail away, reminds PureWow. Instead, write “not at this address: return to sender” on the envelope and cross out the bar code on the bottom to make sure the message reaches human eyes. Then put it back in the mailbox.

What do I do if someone else’s mail comes to my house?

Write “not at this address” or “return to sender” on all of it. Your first course of action should be to take everything out of the mailbox that’s addressed to that other person and write “return to sender” on it. Then just put it back in the mailbox.