Why does my printer print twice?

On your PC search control panel, open control panel, Select printer properties, Select the «number of copies» it must be set to 2 change it to 1 and check if it helps. If the issue still persists uninstall the printer software from your PC and install the latest printer drivers.

How do I stop my printer from printing multiple copies?

  1. Change the number of copies from printer settings. Click Start and select Control Panel. …
  2. Uncheck Enable bidirectional support (for HP printers) Click Start and select Control Panel. …
  3. Install the latest printer drivers. …
  4. Adjust number of copies from the document. …
  5. Reset Printing system. …
  6. Reinstall your printer.

27 июн. 2018 г.

Why is my printer printing 2 copies?

HI, The number of copies to print is set by the Default printers’ properties page. Start>Settings>Devices>Click on your default printer, then the «Manage» button…. … When we print, we end up with two separate jobs in the print queue printing 1 copy, not one job with 2 copies.

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How do I stop a print from repeating?

  1. Pull the paper out of the printer’s paper feeder. This step stops the immediate problem immediately.
  2. Open the Device Stage window (choose Start→Devices and Printers), right-click the printer, and choose See What’s Printing. You see the print queue.
  3. Right-click the runaway print job and choose Cancel.

Why does my printer keep printing the same thing over and over?

Usually this issue occurs if there is any file missing or corrupted in the Printer drivers/print spooler. I would suggest you to try the following methods and check if it works for you. Method 1: Run the Printer troubleshooter and check if it helps.

How do I cancel printing on my printer?

Cancel a print job (Android)

Cancel a print job from the print queue in Android. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification area. Select the print job you want to cancel. Tap Cancel to cancel the print job.

Why does my printer always print a test page when I turn it on?

2 Answers. I believe the printer wants to be calibrated. When a new cartridge is installed it prints the calibration test page to check that it is aligned properly. With many HP printers you need to then scan the test page, so the printer can set itself up correctly.

Why will my printer not print multiple copies?

Attempt to print multiple copies of a small (1 or 2 page) document. — If all documents print, then the issue is likely caused by a problem with the print spooler. — If all documents don’t print, then the issue could be caused by a problem with the Windows print processor.

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How do I get rid of printer copy 1?

Click start — in the run field, type printmanagement. msc . This will open print management screen. Once there, go to All printers and delete any printer with the Copy1 description.

How will multiple copies be printed?

If desired, you can print more than one copy of your document.

Printing More than One Copy

  1. Press Ctrl+P. Word displays the Print dialog box. …
  2. In the Copies box, indicate the number of copies you want to print.
  3. In the Range box, specify what you want to print.
  4. Check the status of the Collate option. …
  5. Click on OK.

Why is my printer printing random stuff?

When an error occurs with data sent to a printer, the printer might print a document containing pages of strange symbols, random letters or scrambled text. … If it happens repeatedly, you might have a problem with your printer cable, the printer software, the specific file you’re trying to print or a font file.

How do I clear my printer queue?

In the Services window, right-click Print Spooler, and then select Stop. After the service stops, close the Services window. In Windows, search for and open C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPRINTERS. Delete all files in the PRINTERS folder.

How do I cancel a print job in Windows 10?

Open the Settings app and click on Devices. Go to the Printers & scanners tab. On the right side pane, select your printer and then click on the “Open queue” button appeared beneath the printer name. Now, you can right-click on any print job and then click Cancel to clear it from the print queue.

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How do I reset my HP printer?

To restore your HP printer to factory-default settings, follow these steps.

  1. Turn the printer off. Disconnect the power cable from the printer for 30 seconds and then reconnect.
  2. Turn the printer on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds. The Attention light turns on.
  3. Release the Resume button.

12 февр. 2019 г.

How do I stop my HP printer from printing a test page?

How to Stop the HP Printer From Printing Test Pages

  1. Click «Start.»
  2. Click «Control Panel.»
  3. Click «Devices and Printers.»
  4. Double-click on your HP printer icon to open the print queue. Click on the listing for your test page. Click «Cancel» to stop your printer from completing that particular job. Repeat this step until all of the test pages have been canceled.

Why does my HP printer only print one page?

Go to File > Print. In the print options, look for Collated section. … Select your printer (if more than one is connected) and click on the Print button. This should fix the problem and allow you to print multiple pages of the document instead of one page.