Why does a CD player say no disc?

Sometimes a CD player will display a «No Disc» error. What this means is that the CD player, for some reason, does not recognize the disc. There are various reasons for this error, from the CD lens eye being dirty to a CD format that is incompatible with the player. Troubleshoot through process of elimination.

How do you fix a CD player when it says no disc?

Reset the player back to the factory-default specifications. If no discs will play, remove any discs from the player and leave the player powered on with the CD tray opened (if possible) for approximately one hour to resolve the possibility of moisture condensation inside the player.

Why does my DVD player say no disc when there is one?

No-disc errors are usually caused when the DVD or the laser-lens pickup has become dirty and causes the DVD player to not be able to read the DVD. … Clean the laser lens with a DVD laser lens cleaning disc. DVD laser lens cleaning discs can be purchased at most electronics retailers or online.

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How do I fix no disc?

Remove the disc from the DVD player. Use a lint-free cloth and some denatured alcohol or water to clean the disc and remove any dust or smudges that may prevent the player from reading it properly. Reinsert the disc into the player and press «Play» to see if cleaning the disc fixes the «NO DISC» error.

Why is my CD drive not reading discs?

Check the Disc

Swap out the disc – if cleaning fails, your disc might be far too damaged to allow it to play properly. Try swapping out the disc to make sure that it wasn’t a hardware issue. Check for compatibility – Most CD drives can play recordable(R) and rewritable(RW) discs.

Why do CD players stop working?

CD player problems are usually obvious, though the solutions may not be. If a CD player does not work at all, make sure the power supply is on at the outlet. … If a CD player tray won’t open or close properly, check the belt for dirt or wear and check the tray for misalignment (remove, clean, lubricate, and reinstall).

Do CD players wear out?

The sonic performance of a CD player, as Lewis has said, will not degrade — either it works or it doesn’t. But as long as it is still functional, a CD player will sound just as good as the day it was purchased. Functional performance, however, can degrade.

How do you clean a DVD player that won’t play?

These simple steps will help you keep your DVD player looking and playing great:

  1. Gather a soft, lint-free cloth and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Pour about a half cup of the alcohol in a small bowl.
  3. Dip the cloth into the bowl, wring it out, and then gently wipe off the exterior of your DVD player.
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What do you do if your DVD player wont play?

My DVD Won’t Play

  1. Clean the Disc. Dampen a soft cloth or paper towel. …
  2. Test the Disc and Machine. Play the disc in a different machine. …
  3. Troubleshoot DVD & TV Connections. Unplug the cables connecting the DVD player to the television. …
  4. Last Resorts. Buy a DVD laser lens cleaner disc.

Why does my Sony DVD player say no disc?

When the message NO DISC, DISC ERROR, or INSERT DISC appears on the display on the DVD player, check the following: Make sure there is a disc in the player. Make sure the disc is inserted correctly with the playback side facing down on the disc tray. Make sure the disc being used is supported by the player.

What happens if you put a CD in a DVD player?

What happens if you put a CD in a DVD player? If it’s a music CD, most likely you’ll be able to play the music. If it’s a CD-ROM with audio MP3 (and possibly a few other formats), many players will support this as well assuming the CD session was properly “closed” when being written to on a computer.