Why are there no previous versions of my Word document?

The AutoRecover option might be disabled, which is why you are unable to find a previous version of the document in Microsoft Word. … To help you recover the document, refer to this page about recovering Office files.

How do I retrieve a previous version of a Word document?

Open the file you want to view. Click File > Info > Version history. Select a version to open it in a separate window. If you want to restore a previous version you’ve opened, select Restore.

Does Word keep previous versions?

A. Most Windows and Mac editions of Microsoft Word include a setting that automatically makes a backup copy of a document. This backup copy is one version back from the currently saved version of the document, so it will show the contents as they were just before your most recent save of the “live” file.

How do I recover a file I accidentally replaced?

Restore Previous Versions (PC) – In Windows, if you right-click on a file, and go to “Properties,” you will see an option titled “Previous Versions.” This option can help you revert to a version of your file before the overwrite occurred, allowing you to get your data back.

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How can I recover a file I accidentally saved over?

How to recover an overwritten file:

  1. Right-click the overwritten or replaced file and click Properties.
  2. Select Previous Versions.
  3. If you want to view the old version, click View. To copy the old version to another location, click Copy… To replace the current version with the older version, click Restore.

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How do you recover a file replaced by another file with the same name?

How I recovered my replaced file

  1. As Windows saves the previous version of files, it is possible to recover the replaced files. …
  2. Right-click on it, select “Properties” and click “Previous Versions “tab.
  3. The screen will display the list of available previous versions of the file, select the required one and save it.

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Can you see the editing history of a Word document?

The best way to view changes is to select to Edit the document in Word. This will open the document in your local Word 2013. Then you can click the Review tab and set Tracking to All Markup. Then you will see all the tracked changes in the document.

How do I compare 2 documents in Word?

To compare documents in Word, open the two documents to compare. Click the “Review” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Compare” drop-down button in the “Compare” button group. Then select the “Compare…” command from the drop-down menu to open the “Compare Documents” dialog box.

How do I restore a replaced file in Windows 10?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Right-click the file and choose «Properties».
  2. Open the «Previous Version» tab.
  3. Select the latest version and click «Restore» to get back the overwritten files.
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How do I find replaced files?

To recover an overwritten file on Windows PC:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where the file was located in.
  2. Right-click anywhere inside this folder and select Properties from the context menu.
  3. Select the Previous Versions tab and look for an earlier version of the overwritten file.

How do I recover a previous version of a Word document 2007?

Use one of the following steps to force Word to recover the document: If you use Word 2007: Click the Microsoft Office Button, click Open, select the Word document, click the down arrow on the Open button in the lower-right corner of the Open screen, and then click Open and Repair.