Which smartphone battery lasts the longest?

Which smartphones have the best battery life?

High-end phones with best battery life:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (5000 mAh)
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (4500 mAh)
  • OnePlus 8 (4300 mAh)
  • Galaxy S20+, S20 FE (4500 mAh)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (3687 mAh)

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Which mobile phone battery last the longest?

  • Samsung Galaxy M31 (Price Rs. …
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (Price Rs. …
  • Vivo V20 (2021) – (4000 mAH With 33 Watts Charging) …
  • Poco M3 6000 mAH Battery and 18 Watts Fast Charging. …
  • Oppo A5 2020 (Price Rs. …
  • Samsung Galaxy A51. …
  • Poco X2 (Price Rs. …
  • Samsung Galaxy M02 (5000 mAH Battery)

Which smartphone will last the longest?

What is the most reliable smartphone?

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • iPhone 11.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e.
  • OnePlus 7 Pro.
  • Google Pixel 4 XL.
  • Huawei P30 Pro.

What is the best phone in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s top-tier non-folding phone in 2020, and it has excellent battery life.

Is a 4000mah battery good?

A 4,000mAh battery on a smartphone will ensure the phone should last well over a day depending on how heavily you use it. Here too, it’s important to have fast charging not because not only could you need it in emergencies, but a 4,000mAh battery without fast charging will take ages to charge to full capacity.

Can a phone last 5 years?

When it’s time to pass on your old phone

Although iOS and Android OS updates technically support devices for four or more years, certain apps – and OS updates themselves – can prove too power-hungry for previous years’ specs. “Hardware could operate for five to ten years,” says Clapp.

How many hours does 6000mah last?

The company claims that you can get as much as 131 hours of music playback and as much as 14 hours of video playback with this monster. The latest offering from the company will come with a triple-camera sensor.

How do I know when I need a new phone?

Here are several major signs that it’s time for you to upgrade your Android phone to something better.

  1. Battery Runs Out Quickly. …
  2. Too Slow to Use. …
  3. Outdated and Lacking Updates. …
  4. New Apps Won’t Run. …
  5. Apps Crash Frequently. …
  6. Poor-Quality Camera. …
  7. Phone Damage or Wear and Tear.

What kind of phone does Bill Gates use?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates reveals the reason he uses an Android phone instead of an iPhone.

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Can a smartphone last 10 years?

The stock answer that most smartphone companies will give you is 2-3 years. That goes for iPhones, Androids, or any of the other varieties of devices that are on the market. The reason that’s the most common response is that toward the end of its usable life, a smartphone will begin to slow down.

Which is the best phone in the world?

The best phones you can buy today

  1. Apple iPhone 12. The best phone for most people. …
  2. OnePlus 8 Pro. The best premium phone. …
  3. Apple iPhone SE (2020) The best budget phone. …
  4. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is the best Galaxy phone Samsung has ever produced. …
  5. OnePlus Nord. The best mid-range phone of 2021. …
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.

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Which is the No 1 phone in world?

1. Samsung. Samsung sold 444 million mobile phones in 2013 with a 24.6% market share, a rise of 2.6 percentage points compared to last year when the South Korean giant sold 384 million mobile phones. The company was at the pole position even in 2012.

Is iPhone better than Samsung?

My Android phone has a more beautiful screen, a better camera, can do way more things with more features, and costs less than your top of the line iPhone. The fact of the matter is, Android phones have come a really long way over the years and are much better today than they ever used to be.

What phone should I buy in 2021?

Best Mobile Phones (2021)

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Best Mobile Phones Prices
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Rs. 14,999
Xiaomi Poco M3 Rs. 10,999
Samsung Galaxy M12 Rs. 10,999
Xiaomi Poco X3 Rs. 16,999