Which month MAT exam is best?

MAT is the only MBA entrance test that is conducted four times in a year. The test takes place in the months of February, May, September and December. This gives candidates another chance to improve their score and retry for MBA admission within the same calendar year without wasting an entire year.

How many times does MAT exam take place in a year?

MAT is usually conducted 4 times in a year in February, May, September and December. The minimum qualification for appearing in MAT is graduation in any discipline from any recognized University or equivalent recognized degree.

What is the pass mark for MAT exam?

A score of 492.5 can be considered to be a good score in MAT and you will be able to find a number of colleges that match your requirements. Here are some of the articles that you can refer to: List of MBA Colleges Accepting 80-90 Percentile in MAT 2021. List of MBA Colleges Accepting 70-80 Percentile in MAT 2021.

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Can I prepare for MAT in 2 months?

MAT is a relatively easier exam as compared to other MBA entrance exams and it is not very challenging to prepare for MAT in one month. The only strategy which candidates need to follow while preparing for MAT is to have a quick plan, which can be exhaustive as well.

How can I crack mat in one month?

If you have one month in hand to prepare for MAT 2021, make a plan which covers key topics from the syllabus.

What is MAT Exam Pattern?

Sections No. of Questions Suggested time (in minutes)
Reading Comprehension 40 30
Mathematics Skills 40 30
Data Interpretation and Analysis 40 35
Critical Reasoning 40 40

How many students appeared for MAT 2020?

Around 20,000 candidates appear for every session in the MAT exam.

Which colleges accept MAT score?

Other Private MBA Colleges Accepting MAT Scores

College Location Fees
Invertis University Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh INR 1,35,000
Nehru College of Management Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu INR 1,50,000
Amity University Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 4,00,000
Nehru Institute of Technology Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu INR 75,000

Is 400 a good score in mat?

A: Composite Score of 400 and above is considered a good MAT score. Most of the MBA colleges accepting MAT select students having MAT score in the range of 80 percentile to 99 percentile.

Is 600 a good score in mat?

Over 600 B-Schools accept MAT scores for admissions into Masters and Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses. The MAT Colleges Cut Off for Management Institutes vary as the institutes have their own cutoff criteria and selection procedure, and candidates must meet the cutoff scores to secure admission.

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Does gk score in mat?

Since the GK section in MAT exam is not counted for score calculation, many candidates skipped or attempted very few questions in Indian and Global Environment section and utilized this time to attempt the questions in other sections.

How can I prepare for MAT 2020?

Subjects which need to prepare for the MAT 2020 exam are:

  1. Language Comprehension.
  2. Mathematical Skills.
  3. Data Analysis and Sufficiency.
  4. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning.
  5. Indian and Global Environment.

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How can I clear my mat exam?

MAT Preparation 2020: One-month strategy

  1. Focus on topics you find easy. You can leave out questions based on tough topics in the exam.
  2. Practice MAT mock tests to gain control on MAT syllabus.
  3. Make short notes and revise them everyday.
  4. Ensure you have basic understanding of all the topics.

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How can I improve my mat?

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your MAT Score

  1. Preview. You’ve heard the common phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Don’t let this happen to you! …
  2. Plan Your Studying. …
  3. Discover the MAT. …
  4. Learn about the Analogies. …
  5. Pinpoint. …
  6. Maximize Your MAT Studying. …
  7. Register for the MAT. …
  8. Improve Vocabulary.

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What are the subjects in mat?

The syllabus for MAT 2021 is divided into five key sections namely Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, mathematical skills, Indian and Global environment, intelligence, and critical reasoning.

Is there sectional cut off in mat?

A great myth associated with MAT is that it has sectional cut off, but in reality MAT doesn’t have any sectional cut off. This means that if you are lacking performance in let’s say English section then you can easily compensate it by performing well in Quantitative Aptitude section.

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Is there any negative marking in MAT exam?

MAT Marking Scheme

There will be negative marking in this examination. For each incorrect answer, ¼ of the total marks or 0.25 marks will be deducted from the total score.