Which is better OBS or XSplit?

In the past, one of the biggest limitations of XSplit was its inability to support 60 fps, unlike OBS. However, XSplit has slightly more options today (see screen below). … Verdict: XSplit wins the performance battle hands-down over OBS thanks to greater stability, increased precision and more intuitive features.

What is better then or OBS?

The best free streaming software at a glance

  • OBS Studio.
  • Streamlabs OBS.
  • Nvidia Shadowplay.
  • Xsplit Gamecaster.

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Which is better XSplit gamecaster vs broadcaster?

If you are looking for easy to use and ready made themes then XSplit Gamecaster is better and if you are looking for more flexibility and prefer to have better controls on your settings then XSlit Broadcaster is for you. …

Is OBS live better than OBS?

Live is just a plugin for your existing, standard OBS installation, whereas streamlabs OBS is a full standalone version of OBS. … On the streamlabs side, it’s all done locally, so you do get a bit of extra CPU usage going to that, but the benefit is you can adjust anything, add anything, all in OBS.

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Is XSplit good for low end PC?

However for those streamers out there with low end hardware it’s possible to configure XSplit without the “Optimize text resize” and using the default encoder preset. In this case XSplit will use MUCH lower CPU than FMLE but still produce significantly better results than what is possible with FMLE.

Is Streamlabs better than OBS for recording?

The Bottom-Line. Overall, we’re huge fans of both software programs but definitely think Streamlabs OBS offers a lot more functionality, has a higher performance value and is overall a better user experience.

What software is best for live streaming?

Let’s get to it.

  • Wirecast. With unlimited inputs, unlimited destinations, and simultaneous video conferencing, Wirecast studio is the perfect live stream broadcasting software. …
  • vMix. …
  • VidBlasterX. …
  • OBS Studio. …
  • Streamlabs OBS. …
  • FFmpeg. …
  • XSplit Broadcaster. …
  • SplitCam.

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Does XSplit cost money?

XSplit Broadcaster Pricing Overview

XSplit Broadcaster pricing starts at $2.50 per month. There is a free version. XSplit Broadcaster does not offer a free trial.

Is XSplit safe?

XSplit has been very reliable for both local recording and broadcasting, with enough settings and options that it doesn’t need supplementary services to produce nice streams. It also updates regularly.

Is XSplit good for streaming?

XSplit has more extra features compared to OBS, such as direct uploading of streams to Skype, YouTube or Twitch. This makes it extremely useful for massive multi-player role-player (MMORPG) games. XSplit also allows you to edit videos on the go, though it is only available as a paid feature.

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How much RAM does OBS use?

These are the minimum OBS system requirements:

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. AMD FX series or Intel i5 2000-series processor (dual or 4-core preferable) or higher. DirectX 10 capable graphics card. At least 4 GB of RAM (recommended, but not necessary)

How much RAM does Streamlabs OBS use?

RAM: 8-16 GB RAM is recommended. It is important to use memory in multichannel mode (4 x 2GB or 4 x 4GB sticks, for example). VGA: We recommend to use ATI R7 250 or similar cards, with at least 1 GB GDDR5 memory.

Does Ninja use OBS or Streamlabs?

Ninja is an open-source and free web-based programme designed to bring live video from an external source into OBS Studio. It does this using WebRTC, a framework within browsers and mobile applications that lets you communicate in real time with little to no lag.

What streaming software uses the least CPU?

As an incredibly customizable streaming software with low CPU usage, OBS is one of the best free streaming softwares available today.

Is OBS good for low end PC?

When you have set the game video settings to the lowest, this will decrease the quality of game graphics. Even so, your computer will perform better because this step reduces the load from the CPU and GPU. After setting the OBS Audio and ensuring its sampling rate is at the lowest, that will save you some bits.

Can I stream on low end PC?

Nvidia Shadowplay is another great game recording software in PC that can easily stream from low-end PCs. It comes free with the GeForce graphics card and sadly only works for the Nvidia GPUs. … Sadly, you can only stream the game with the Nvidia Shadowplay as it does not support any overlays or multi-sources scenes.