Where is my VirtualBox VDI?

First copy your VDI file into VirtualBox’s virtual hard disks repository. On Mac OS X it’s $HOME/Library/VirtualBox/HardDisks/.

Where are VirtualBox VDI stored?

These files are located under C:Usersuser : VM files (default location), VirtualBox VMs/ — the default location for VMs, which can be used if the C: drive has adequate space. If a different drive is used, a similar folder can be created, such as D:Useruser ( user would be specific to the user on the system).

How do I open a VDI file in VirtualBox?

Manual Way to Open VDI File in VirtualBox

  1. Copy the VDI file in VirtualBox’s virtual hard disk repository.
  2. Launch VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine. …
  3. Under Virtual Hard Disk, select Use existing hard diskand then click on the folder icon on the right.
  4. Now, a Virtual Media Manager window is opened.

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How do I view a VDI file?

Open VDI File

  1. Run PowerISO.
  2. Click the «Open» button on toolbar or choose «File > Open» menu to open vdi file.
  3. If there are more than one partition in the vdi file, PowerISO will list all partitions, you need select a partition from the list to continue.
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Where is VirtualBox configuration file?

In addition to the files for the virtual machines, Oracle VM VirtualBox maintains global configuration data in the following directory:

  • Linux and Oracle Solaris: $HOME/. config/VirtualBox .
  • Windows: $HOME/. VirtualBox .
  • Mac OS X: $HOME/Library/VirtualBox .

Where are virtual machine files stored?

Locating virtual machine files on a Windows host

The default location for virtual machine files is the folder My Virtual Machines in the My Documents folder of the home directory of the user who created the virtual machines.

What is the difference between VDI and VHD?

# VDI is the format used by VIRTUALBOX. # VMDK is the format used by VMWare products. # VHD is the format used by Microsoft products. All these formats are interconvertable .

How do I extract a VDI file?

Select the files you want t extract, then click the «Extract» button on toolbar to open «Extract vdi file» dialog. If no file is selected, all files in the image file will be extracted. Choose the destination directory for extraction. If you want to extract all files, you should select «All files» option.

How do I use VDI?

VDI — How Use the Virtual Windows Desktop

  1. Why Use VDI. VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, creates a secure connection between your remote computer and a virtual Windows machine that has the Engineering lab software load. …
  2. Select the Horizon Client. …
  3. Install. …
  4. Run. …
  5. Log out. …
  6. Help.

How do I create a VDI file?


  1. Create a virtual machine with Microsoft Windows. Use your standard process for creating virtual machines. …
  2. Enable remote desktop access. …
  3. Install the Oracle VDI Tools. …
  4. Install additional software, and optimize the desktop image. …
  5. Convert a virtual machine into a template.
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How do I mount a virtual drive?

Mount and browse file from VHD file

Simply right click on the VHD or VHDX file then select Mount. The virtual disk will be treated as an additional drive and can be accessed from This PC. The administrator can easily browse the content like a regular drive, find the files needed, and copy it somewhere else.

How do I access files in VirtualBox?

Dragging and Dropping Files in VirtualBox

On the top bar of the running guest machine, click on Devices > Drag and Drop and make sure that Bidirectional is selected. This means that you will be able to drag files from the host to the guest and from the guest to the host.

How do I know if VirtualBox is installed on Windows?

Open your VirtualBox and check its version by going to Help > About VirtualBox. In the current example, the installed VirtualBox version is 5.2.