What two types of connectors are attached to the motherboard?

There are two primary types of connectors found internally: socket connectors and power connectors. Socket connectors are designed for use with flat ribbon cable, and are generally used to transfer data among devices.

What are the connectors on the motherboard?

Motherboard Components And Connectors

  • Northbridge: This allows communication between the CPU and the system memory and PCI-E slots. …
  • ATX 12V 2X and 4 Pin Power Connection : This is one of two power connections that supply power to the . …
  • CPU-Fan Connection: This is where the CPU fan will connect. …
  • Socket: This is where the CPU will plug in.

What are the two types of power supply connectors to the motherboard?

Industry standard PC, XT, AT, Baby-AT, and LPX motherboards all use the same type of main power supply connectors. These supplies feature two main power connectors (P8 and P9), each with 6 pins that attach the power supply to the motherboard.

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What are the 2 main components of a motherboard?

While motherboards have many components, the two main items are the random access memory (RAM) and the central processing unit (CPU).

What is the name of the connector that provides power to the motherboard?

The ATX 24-pin power supply connector is the standard motherboard power connector in computers today. The connector itself is a Molex 39-01-2240 connector, often called a Molex Mini-fit Jr.

What is LPT on motherboard?

LPT (line print terminal) is the usual designation for a parallel port connection to a printer or other device on a personal computer. Most PCs come with one or two LPT connections designated as LPT1 and LPT2. … An LPT port can be used for an input device such as QuickCam, a video camera used with CU-SeeMe .

Why is it called motherboard?

3 Answers. It’s called a motherboard because it is the main circuit board in the computer, and it can be extended by plugging other circuit boards into it. … Wikipedia suggests that historically a «mainboard» was not extensible in this way, hence the need for different terminology.

Do all PC power supplies have the same connectors?

No, they’re not always compatible, not even between models from same company. If you already have cables from another power supply and the connectors seem to fit, best you could do would be to grab a multimeter and check the voltages on each pin to make sure you have the same voltages as the ones on an original cable.

What is the use of ATX power connector?

An ATX style connector is a replacement for the older P8 and P9 AT style connector. It is one of the largest connectors inside a computer. It connects a power supply to an ATX style motherboard. As shown in the picture, the 20-pin cable is a multi-color cable and may be labeled as P1.

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What are the 3 most important parts of a motherboard?

These key components include the CPU itself, the main memory, the secondary cache, and any devices situated on the buses. A chipset also controls data flow to and from hard disks and other devices connected to the IDE channels.

What are the 10 parts of computer?

10 Parts that make up a Computer

  • Memory.
  • Hard Drive or Solid State Drive.
  • Video card.
  • Motherboard.
  • Processor.
  • Power Supply.
  • Monitor.
  • Keyboard and Mouse.

How many parts does a motherboard have?

Motherboard Diagram

1. CPU socket 2. Chipset 3. DIMM/RAM slots
4. PCIe x16 slot 5. PCI x1 slot 6. M.2 connector
7. SATA ports 8. Front panel connectors 9. USB 2. header
10. USB 3.1 Gen1 header 11. USB 3.1 Gen2 header 12. ATX power connector
13. CPU power connector 14. BIOS chips 15. CMOS battery

Is Eatx better than ATX?

If your budget is limited and you want to build a high-end gaming PC with only one graphics card, then ATX is more suitable for you. EATX motherboard is better if you want to build a high-end gaming PC with lots of graphics cards.

What is ATX 12V on motherboard?

8PIN ATX 12V. Connects to the motherboard EPS 12V socket. Provides additional power to the CPU. 4+4 Pin ATX/EPS. A hybrid of the 4 PIN ATX12V and EPS 12V connectors that can be split in half or combined to accommodate either the EPS 12V Socket or the ATX 12V socket.

What is the ATX 12V power connector?

The ATX 4-pin power supply connector is a standard motherboard power connector used to provide +12 VDC to the processor voltage regulator.