What is WD Discovery?

WD Discovery is a light weight desktop application for Mac and Windows that provide a cloud based. method of delivering software, updates and notifications for external USB drives. WD Discovery can be. manually installed on computers that do not have an internet connection like any other software. application.

What is WD Discovery used for?

Description. WD Discovery allows you to download and keep up to date other WD Apps such as WD Security app, WD Backup and WD Drive Utilities, and learn about software from WD partners.

Can I delete WD Discovery?

Method 1: Uninstall WD Discovery Software via Programs and Features. When a new piece of program is installed on your system, that program is added to the list in Programs and Features. When you want to uninstall the program, you can go to the Programs and Features to uninstall it.

Do I need WD Discovery for Mac?

Answer: A: Historically the WD software has not worked well on Macs. It is not needed to use the drive for Time Machine backups. I’ve had fairly serious issues both on modern Macs and the older «pre-Intel» Macs that were due to WD’s software, including stalls, overheating of the computer, and general slowness.

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What is WD Discovery for Mac?

Included WD Discovery™ software1 lets you connect to popular social media and cloud storage services like Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive™. Seamlessly import, organise and share your photos, videos and docs to the My Passport for Mac drive to backup your online social life.

Do I need WD Discovery Software?

WD portable external drives are plug n play drives to use as a storage device in computer. … It doesn’t require extra software or tool in order to store data files.

Is WD Discovery safe?

WD Discovery.exe is able to monitor applications, record keyboard and mouse inputs and manipulate other programs. Therefore the technical security rating is 41% dangerous.

What is WD Backup?

WD Backup is an easy-to-use backup application. It automatically protects your files, photos and documents with on premise backups to a WD drive as primary storage. Off-premise backups to a cloud as secondary storage for disaster recovery purpose.

How do I remove WD Discovery from my Mac?

Select the Uninstall check box on the WD SmartWare Installer for Mac screen to display the Uninstall WD SmartWare dialog: If you want to keep WD Quick View installed to discover network-attached WD storage devices and provide drive status information, clear the Uninstall WD Quick View check box. Click Uninstall.

What is passport discovery?

The WD Discovery application, a collection of drive management tools such as WD Security and WD Backup, can be installed from your My Passport drive. WD Discovery is a tray application; a small icon appears in the Windows system tray in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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Is WD compatible with Mac?

A Western Digital external hard drive can be used on both Windows and Mac OSX. This is useful if a drive is being used under both Operating System (OS)to move files between the two environments. Most WD Drives come formatted in the NTFS (Windows) or HFS+ (Mac) format.

How do I download WD Discovery?

Navigate to the Software for Windows section on the SOFTWARE & DOWNLOADS screen. Select the Install WD Discovery for Windows option and click the DOWNLOAD button.

What is WD Security Mac?

Description. This installer — WD Drive Utilities and WD Security, are contained within the WD Drive Utilities and the WD Security zip files and installs custom Western Digital software for WD USB and FireWire enabled external hard drives under Macintosh computers.

Can I use my WD Passport on both Mac and PC?

We hope the blog helped you format your WD My Passport storage drive for Mac and PC. You can format the drive in either FAT32 or exFAT that are compatible with both macOS and Windows. It is advisable to select the exFAT file system to format the drive due to its large file size storage capacity.

How do I install Discovery?

Download Agent Setup for Windows

  1. Download the Discovery Agent setup file and save it on your local computer.
  2. Launch the Discovery Agent wizard and follow the instructions.
  3. Upon viewing the Welcome message, click Next to begin.
  4. Select I accept the agreement and click Next.
  5. To being installation, click Next.
  6. Click Finish.