What is the meaning of verifying?

1 : to establish the truth, accuracy, or reality of verify the claim. 2 : to confirm or substantiate in law by oath.

What is the definition of verifying?

verb (used with object), ver·i·fied, ver·i·fy·ing. to prove the truth of, as by evidence or testimony; confirm; substantiate: Events verified his prediction. to ascertain the truth or correctness of, as by examination, research, or comparison: to verify a spelling.

What does Varify mean?

varify(Verb) To make different; to vary or variegate.

How do you use verify?

Verify sentence example

  1. It is easy to verify this result. …
  2. Did they verify I was the only survivor? …
  3. You’ll verify what you saw, right? …
  4. Would you be willing to let one of my dealers verify the route exists?

Which one of the following is the correct definition of verification?

: the act or process of verifying : the state of being verified.

What is verification with example?

Verification in Software Testing is a process of checking documents, design, code, and program in order to check if the software has been built according to the requirements or not. The main goal of verification process is to ensure quality of software application, design, architecture etc.

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What is the difference between verification and validation?

Validation is the process of checking whether the specification captures the customer’s needs, while verification is the process of checking that the software meets the specification. … Validation is relegated to just the begining and ending of the project: requirements analysis and acceptance testing.

What does verified mean on Tik Tok?

A verified badge means that TikTok has confirmed the account belongs to the user it represents. It appears next to a TikTok user’s account name in search results and on the profile as a visible blue check mark.

What does verify Instagram mean?

Instagram verification is how you prove that your Instagram account is the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity or global brand.

What is the meaning of briefly?

Briefly means for a short amount of time. It can also mean concisely or in a few words, as opposed to in a longer manner, as in State your main argument briefly in a sentence or two. Briefly is the adverb form of the adjective brief, which most commonly means lasting a short time or concise.

What is another word for verify?

Some common synonyms of verify are authenticate, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, and validate.

What is mock verify?

Mockito Verify methods are used to check that certain behavior happened. We can use Mockito verify methods at the end of the testing method code to make sure that specified methods are called.

What is verification and its objectives?

Objectives of Verification are: To show correct valuation of assets and liabilities. … To find out whether assets were in existence. To detect frauds and errors, if any. To find out whether there is an adequate internal control regarding acquisition, utilization and disposal of assets.

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What is the root of Verify?

verify (v.)

early 14c., from Old French verifier «substantiate, find out the truth about» (14c.), from Medieval Latin verificare «make true,» from Latin verus «true» (from PIE root *were-o- «true, trustworthy») + combining form of facere «to make» (from PIE root *dhe- «to set, put»).

What is the verification code?

A verification code is a security protection method used by form owners to avoid Internet robots from abusing and spamming their web forms. There are different verification code types, but the most commonly used is CAPTCHA and Smart Captcha.

What is meant by versification?

1 : the making of verses. 2a : metrical structure : prosody. b : a particular metrical structure or style. 3 : a version in verse of something originally in prose.