What is RODC in Active Directory?

A read only domain controller (RODC) is a type of domain controller that has read-only partitions of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) database. RODC is available in Windows server 2008 OS and in its succeeding versions.

What is the use of Rodc?

Windows Server 2008 introduces a new type of domain controller, the Read-only Domain Controller (RODC). This provides a domain controller for use at branch offices where a full domain controller cannot be placed.

What is Rodc and how is it different than regular Active Directory domain controllers?

An RODC is a new domain controller (DC) mode in Windows Server 2008. It lets you store an Active Directory (AD) domain database read-only copy on the DC, but it has much more functionality than just a database read-only copy. … If an RODC is compromised and the set modified, a Server 2008 RWDC won’t replicate the values.

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What is an RODC server?

A read-only domain controller (RODC) is a server that hosts an Active Directory database’s read-only partitions and responds to security authentication requests.

What are the benefits of using an RODC in a branch office how does this improve an organization’s security?

Here are the benefits of deploying RODC:

  • Reduced security risk to a writable copy of Active Directory.
  • Better logon times compared to authenticating across a WAN link.
  • Better access to the authentication resource on the network.
  • Better performance of directory-enabled applications.

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How does WIDC authentication work?

When a user authenticates to an RODC a check is performed to see if the password is cached. If the password is cached, the RODC will authenticate the user account locally. … If the Users password is allowed to be cached, then the RODC will pull that through a replication request.

What are the two basic requirements before you can deploy an RODC?

Deploying an RODC requires the following:

  • Availability of credentials of a member of the Domain Admins for the domain.
  • A forest functional level of Windows Server 2003 or later.
  • At least one writable domain controller running Windows Server 2008 or later installed in the domain.

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How do I know if my domain controller is read only?

When you get a list of domain controllers using the AD module, one of the properties each DC has is the IsReadOnly property. When IsReadOnly is set to $true, the domain controller is a read-only domain controller.

What are the types of domain controller?

Two types of domain controllers are read-only and read-write. The read-only version contains a copy of the ADDS database that is read-only. As the name implies, read-write domain controllers have the ability to also write to the ADDS database.

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Under what conditions can a global group be converted to a universal group?

Under what conditions can a global be converted to a universal group? It can be converted as long as it is not nested in another global group or in a universal group. You are attempting to create a new universal group but find that the radio button in the Create New Object — Group dialog box is deactivated.

What is Adprep Forestprep?

The Forestprep command is simple: adprep /forestprep. After giving you a warning about the need to upgrade all your DCs to at least Win2K SP2, Forestprep gives you the following prompt to make sure you’ve installed Win2K SP2 or later: [User Action]

What is member server?

A member server is a computer that runs an operating system in the Windows 2000 Server family or the Windows Server 2003 family, belongs to a domain, and is not a domain controller.

What does Rodc stand for?

Read-Only Domain Controller or RODC is a type of domain controller which holds a read-only copy of active directory database.

How do I promote Rodc to DC?


  1. Starting in Server Manager click on Manage > Remove Roles and Features.
  2. Select the server from the list.

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Which Windows server has the RODC?

Thus it is important to use Windows Server 2003 and above as the FFL for any RODC.

How do I make my domain controller read only?

To add a read-only domain controller to an existing domain, select Add a domain controller to an existing domain and click the Select button to Specify the domain information for this domain. Server Manager automatically prompts you for valid credentials, or you can click Change.