What is removable media?

What are examples of removable media?

Removable media and devices include:

  • Optical Discs (Blu-Ray discs, DVDS, CD-ROMs)
  • Memory Cards (Compact Flash card, Secure Digital card, Memory Stick)
  • Zip Disks/ Floppy disks.
  • USB flash drives.
  • External hard drives (DE, EIDE, SCSSI, and SSD)
  • Digital cameras.
  • Smart phones.

What is meant by removable media?

Removable media is any type of storage device that can be removed from a computer while the system is running. Examples of removable media include CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, as well as diskettes and USB drives. Removable media makes it easy for a user to move data from one computer to another.

What is the threat of removable media?

The uncontrolled use of removable media can increase the risk of introducing malware to systems.

Is a cell phone removable media?

Popular consumer devices like cellular phones and portable MP3 or video players often contain internal flash memory in the form of a memory card. According to Microsoft, common types of removable media products include Compact Flash, ATA Flash, Secure Digital (SD), and Multimedia Card (MMC).

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How can we protect removable media?

To ensure that company data is safe and secure, employees should follow the below guidelines when handling removable media:

  1. Limit the use of all removable media devices except when specifically authorised.
  2. Apply password protection. …
  3. Encrypt information held on removable media.

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What are the functions of removable disk?

A removable storage drive is used for storing and transporting data from one computer to another. It will allow you to read (open), write (make changes and save), copy, add, and delete files. It connects to a computer through a USB port.

Is hard disk removable?

A type of disk drive system in which hard disks are enclosed in plastic or metal cartridges so that they can be removed like floppy disks. Removable disk drives combine the best aspects of hard and floppy disks.

What are some examples of removable media quizlet?

Any storage on a computer that can be easily removed, for example, CD-ROM, flash drives, or memory cards. Very popular format for flash media cards; also supports I/O devices.

Which is not a removable drive?

Although hard drives that connect to a USB port allow you to move data between computers, they are more commonly referred to as an external drive and not a removable disk.

Why do we need to exercise caution when using removable media?

Using portable devices can increase the risk of data loss (when a physical device is lost), data exposure (when sensitive data is exposed to the public or a third party without consent), and increased exposure to network-based attacks to and from any system the device is connected to (both directly and via networks …

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How does a removable media help a certain organization in terms of data gathering?

Removable media is low cost, portable and simple, allowing people to copy, store and carry large quantities of data easily between locations. Employees can share information easily and access it from a variety of locations, which can increase the organisation’s productivity.

What can a malicious code do?

Malicious code is the kind of harmful computer code or web script designed to create system vulnerabilities leading to back doors, security breaches, information and data theft, and other potential damages to files and computing systems. It’s a type of threat that may not be blocked by antivirus software on its own.

What is the removable storage device that connects to a USB port?

Answer. USB memory drives, also called flash drives, memory sticks or thumb drives, are one of the most popular forms of portable data storage. USB flash drives are only about the size of a pack of gum and have a USB plug built in to the end of the device, allowing the drive itself to plug directly into a USB port.

What is removable flash memory?

Removable flash memory device, usually no bigger than 1.5″ in height or width, that you insert and remove from a slot in a personal computer, game console, mobile device, or card reader/writer. … also called thumb drive, flash memory storage device that plugs in a USB port on a computer or portable device.

What are four types of removable flash memory devices?

  • Personal computer.
  • USB flash drive.
  • Hard disk drive.
  • Floppy disk.
  • Digital audio player.