What is PimIndexMaintenanceSvc?

It is a network monitor and troubleshooting Windows background service. 2. Contact Data (PimIndexMaintenanceSvc) Service Defaults in Windows 10: Indexes contact data for fast contact searching. If you stop or disable this service, contacts might be missing from your search results.

What is UnistoreSvc?

UnistoreSvc. Provides apps access to structured user data, including contact info, calendars, and messages. If you stop or disable this service, apps that use this data might not work correctly.

What is OneSyncSvc in Windows 10?

The OneSyncSvc synchronizes your Microsoft Account, OneDrive, Windows Mail, Contacts, Calendar and various other Apps. Your Mail App and other Apps and services, which are dependent upon this functionality, will not work properly when this service is disabled or not running.

What is UserDataSvc?

This is the User Data Access (UserDataSvc)Service which allows apps access user data, including contact info, calendars, messages, and other content. Apps need such a service because apps run in a sandbox and can’t access the data the way like desktop applications would do it.

What is Consentuxusersvc?

Allows ConnectUX and PC Settings to Connect and Pair with WiFi displays and Bluetooth devices.

What is Unistack service group?

12. The Unistack Service Group is part of the Windows Store and this happens when you get App Updates. To «disable» the usage, disable the automatic App update in the Store options. and check for updates on your own and install them if you don’t do work and you can ignore the higher CPU usage.

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What is Unistack service?

The Unistack Service Group consists of at least 3-4 operating services: User Data Storage, User Data Access, Contact Data, and Sync Host. However, the rogue services appear in Task Manager under the Unistack Service Group with a hexadecimal number following the names of each process.

What is Phonesvc?

Manages the telephony state on the device.

What is Aarsvc service?

These seems to be legitimate files added with 1903 update, aarsvc is Agent Activation Runtime, as they’re all in the system32 folder then they should be OK. BroadcastDVR is Game DVR server.

What is the Sync host service?

This service synchronizes mail, contacts, calendar and various other user data. Mail and other applications dependent on this functionality will not work properly when this service is not running.

What is Printworkflow?

Provides support for Print Workflow applications. If you turn off this service, you may not be able to print successfully.

What is connected device platform?

A connected devices platform is a software solution that unifies and simplifies the management of connected devices and software.

What is Svchost exe UnistackSvcGroup?

The UnistackSvcGroup contains a service named UniStore service and it belongs to the Windows Store. The reason why you see this service running and using your resources might have to do something with the Store updating your applications. … So, if you are seeing some abnormal usage then it might be a Windows own bug.

What is CaptureService EXE?

What is CaptureService.exe? The genuine CaptureService.exe file is a software component of eQuality Agent by Verint Systems. A background service used by call centers, this process services the eQuality Agent by Witness Systems.

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What is capture service?

The Capture Service is a system-wide tool used to record spatial computing experiences. This service seamlessly blends the physical and digital worlds into a standard still image or video which can be later viewed on your computer or on a Magic Leap device by way of the Gallery app.