What is Hkey users default?

HKEY_USERS . DEFAULT is the profile for the LOCALSYSTEM account. It is an alias for HKEY_USERSS-1-5-18 . The registry settings used as the default settings for a user who logs in and does not have an existing profile are at C:UsersDefaultntuser.

What does Hkey_users mean?

HKEY_USERS, sometimes seen as HKU, is one of many registry hives in the Windows Registry. It contains user-specific configuration information for all currently active users on the computer. This means the user logged in at the moment (you) and any other users who have also logged in but have since «switched users.»

What is the difference between Hkey_current_user and Hkey_users?


Abbreviated HKCU, HKEY_CURRENT_USER stores settings that are specific to the currently logged-in user. The HKEY_CURRENT_USER key is a link to the subkey of HKEY_USERS that corresponds to the user; the same information is accessible in both locations.

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How do you set default user profile registry settings?

How can I configure default settings for new users?

  1. Start the registry editor (regedt32.exe)
  2. Select the «HKEY_USERS on Local Machine» window.
  3. Select «Load Hive» from the Registry menu.
  4. Move to %systemroot%ProfilesDefault User (e.g. d:winntProfilesDefault User)
  5. Select Ntuser.dat and click Open.
  6. When it asks for a key name enter anything, e.g. defuser.

How do I copy the Administrator account to the default?

Click Start, right-click Computer, click Properties, and then click Advanced system settings. Under User Profiles, click Settings. The User Profiles dialog box shows a list of profiles that are stored on the computer. Select Default Profile, and then click Copy To.

Where is Hkey_users?

HKEY_USERS. DEFAULT : system32configdefault.

Is it safe to edit registry?

Editing the registry is sometimes the best route to resolving a problem or tweaking Windows to meet your needs. One wrong edit, in the wrong entry, can render a Windows machine unusable or worse — unbootable. … So any user who attempts to edit the registry needs to do so with caution.

Where is Hkey_local_machine located?

Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left-hand side of Registry Editor. If you, or someone else, have used Registry Editor before on your computer, you may need to collapse any open registry keys until you find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive.

What type of safeguards does the registry editor have to keep you from making mistakes?

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The safeguard is under file -> export. It is a good idea to back up a key before making changes. Alternatively, you could set up a system restore point.

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What are the 5 registry hives?

Where Are the Registry Hives Located?


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What is a default user in Windows 10?

The default user is a special user account in an operating system that contains the default profile data for new users. For example, Microsoft Windows has a default user profile. In Windows 10, this profile is located in the directory C:Users, with a name of Default or something similar.

How do I change the default user in Windows 10?

Right-click Start, go to Control Panel (view by large or small icons) > System > Advanced system settings, and click Settings in the User Profiles section. In User Profiles, click Default Profile, and then click Copy To.

What is the default profile in Windows 10?

When a new user is created, either when installing Windows or any time later, Windows uses this default profile as base for the new user profile. The dafault user profile contains all desktop settings and customizations as well as applications the administrator who has set up the computer want each new user to have.

What is the default profile?

The default profile is a template profile that is used when a user logs on to a Windows computer for the first time. The default profile can be customized by the image creator. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Enable Desktop Background.

How do I change user profile?

How to Switch User Profiles

  1. Select Tools > Manage User Profiles from the menu bar. …
  2. Check the profile name displayed next to Current user profile. …
  3. Select Change user profile and click Next. …
  4. Specify a backup file where the current profile settings will be stored and click Next. …
  5. Select the required profile and click Finish.
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Which account is the most powerful local user account possible?

What is the administrator user account? It is the most powerful local user account possible. This account has unlimited access and unrestricted privileges to every aspect of Windows.