What is autoload in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter comes with an “Auto-load” feature that permits libraries, helpers, and models to be initialized automatically every time the system runs. If you need certain resources globally throughout your application you should consider auto-loading them for convenience.

What does autoload PHP do?

What is autoloading. Autoloading is the process of automatically loading PHP classes without explicitly loading them with the require() , require_once() , include() , or include_once() functions. It’s necessary to name your class files exactly the same as your classes. The class Views would be placed in Views.

What is load in CodeIgniter?

In the context of a class that extends CI_Controller (in other words: a controller) the symbol $this is the Codeigniter «super object». … load is one of the classes you’ll always find there because it is automatically loaded by the CI system. Technically, the class creates objects of the type CI_Loader .

What is hooks in CodeIgniter with example?

It allows executing a script with specific path in the CodeIgniter execution process without modifying the core files. For example, it can be used where you need to check whether a user is logged in or not before the execution of controller. Using hook will save your time in writing code multiple times.

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What is helper in CodeIgniter?

In CodeIgniter there are helpers which are there to help you with different tasks. Every helper file is a collection of functions aiming towards a particular role. … To use helper files, you need to load it. Once loaded it is globally available to your controller and views. They are located at two places in CodeIgniter.

How do you autoload in php?


php spl_autoload_register(function($className) { $file = $className . ‘. php’; if (file_exists($file)) { include $file; } }); Now, all we have to do is to include autoload.

What is the use of use in PHP?

Definition and Usage

The use keyword has two purposes: it tells a class to inherit a trait and it gives an alias to a namespace.

What is $this in CodeIgniter?

To actually answer your question, $this actually represents the singleton Codeigniter instance (which is actually the controller object). For example when you load libraries/models, you’re attaching them to this instance so you can reference them as a property of this instance.

What is PHP hook?

PHP or code hook is a specially defined part in the program code that can pass control to an add-on. A hook is declared by calling a special function in the necessary part of code: Hooking is a very flexible technique; one function can have any number of hooks. …

How you will use or load CodeIgniter libraries?

All of the available libraries are located in your system/libraries/ directory. In most cases, to use one of these classes involves initializing it within a controller using the following initialization method: $this->load->library(‘class_name’); Where ‘class_name’ is the name of the class you want to invoke.

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What is Csrf CodeIgniter?

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a way to trick the server that a request sent to it is legitimate while it actually is an unauthorized attempt. In CodeIgniter, CSRF protection is not enabled by default.

What are the different hooks in CodeIgniter and their significance?

Hooks — Extending the Framework Core. CodeIgniter’s Hooks feature provides a means to tap into and modify the inner workings of the framework without hacking the core files. When CodeIgniter runs it follows a specific execution process, diagramed in the Application Flow page.

What is the difference between helper and library in CodeIgniter?

The main difference between Helper and Library in CodeIgniter is that Helper is a file with a set of functions in a particular category and is not written in Object Oriented format, while the Library is a class with a set of functions that allows creating an instance of that class and is written in Object Oriented …

How do you create a CI model?

Syntax (call model method) –

Create a User. php file in application/controllers directory. Load above created Main_model using $this->load->model(‘Main_model’) method in the __construct() method and call getUsers() method using $this->Main_model->getUsers() . Store the return response in a $data variable.

What is helper function?

A helper function is a function that performs part of the computation of another function. Helper functions are used to make your programs easier to read by giving descriptive names to computations. They also let you reuse computations, just as with functions in general.

How do you use the CI helper function?

If you find that you need a particular helper globally throughout your application, you can tell CodeIgniter to auto-load it during system initialization. This is done by opening the application/config/autoload. php file and adding the helper to the autoload array.