What is another word for systemic?

systemwide bodywide
complete comprehensive
extensive general
outright total
universal wide-ranging

What is another word for systematic?

What is another word for systematic?

methodical orderly
logical methodic
neat practical
precise standard
analytical arranged

What does it mean if something is systemic?

Systemic refers to something that is spread throughout, affecting a group or system, such as a body, economy, market or society as a whole.

What is the opposite of systemic?

Antonyms for systemic

supplemental, unnecessary, piecemeal, secondary, extrinsic.

What is another term for systemic circulation?

Synonyms. systemic circulation organic phenomenon blood pressure pulmonary circulation vitelline circulation.

What do you call a systematic way of doing things?

method Add to list Share. There’s a certain way of doing things. A systematic, logical process for accomplishing a task. And it’s called a method.

What is another word for investigation?

Synonyms of investigation

  • delving,
  • disquisition,
  • examen,
  • examination,
  • exploration,
  • inquest,
  • inquiry,
  • inquisition,

How do you use the word systemic?

Examples of systemic in a Sentence

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Adjective The company made some systemic changes to the way it operated. The problem seems to be systemic. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘systemic.

What is a systemic failure?

A failure that happens in a deterministic (non random) predictable fashion from a certain cause, which can only be eliminated by a modification of the design or of the manufacturing process, operational procedures, documentation, or other relevant factors.

What does systemic change mean?

All systems organize individual pieces into some sort of interrelated whole. Put simply, systemic change occurs when change reaches all or most parts of a system, thus affecting the general behavior of the entire system.

What are considered systemic symptoms?

Systemic symptoms are common in IBD and include weight loss, fever, sweats, malaise, and arthralgias. A low-grade fever may be the first warning sign of a flare. Patients are commonly fatigued, which is often related to the pain, inflammation, and anemia that accompany disease activity.

What does non systemic mean?

: not systemic: such as. a : not of, relating to, or common to a complex or organized body nonsystemic opposition nonsystemic risk. b : not affecting the entire body : of localized effect or nature a nonsystemic drug acting solely within the intestine.

What is the meaning of extrinsic?

1a : not forming part of or belonging to a thing : extraneous. b : originating from or on the outside especially : originating outside a part and acting upon the part as a whole extrinsic muscles of the tongue. 2 : external.

What are the steps of systemic circulation?

Systemic circulation flows through arteries, then arterioles, then capillaries where gas exchange occurs to tissues. Blood is then returned to the heart through venules and veins, which merge into the superior and inferior vena cavae and empty into the right atrium to complete the circuit.

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What does systemic circulation mean?

The systemic circulation provides the functional blood supply to all body tissue. It carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and picks up carbon dioxide and waste products. Systemic circulation carries oxygenated blood from the left ventricle, through the arteries, to the capillaries in the tissues of the body.

What does systemic heart mean?

: the part of the heart propelling blood through the systemic circulation specifically : the left atrium and ventricle of higher vertebrates.