What is another word for activate?

What is another word for activation?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for activate, like: stimulate, initiate, begin, charge, energize, impel, prompt, raise, rouse, spark and start.

What is the meaning of activation?

transitive verb. : to make active or more active: such as. a(1) : to make (something, such as a molecule) reactive or more reactive. (2) : to convert (something, such as a provitamin) into a biologically active derivative.

What is another word for activator?

n. activating agent, catalyst, sensitiser, accelerator, sensitizer.

What is the meaning of energize?

transitive verb. 1 : to make energetic, vigorous, or active energized by the coach’s pep talk. 2 : to impart energy to sunlight energizes the chemical reactions. 3 : to apply voltage to.

What is the opposite of activate?

Antonyms: deactivate, inactivate. Synonyms: set off, trigger, actuate, trigger off, spark, trip, spark off, aerate, touch off. activate(verb)

What is the opposite of trigger?

Opposite of to initiate something. prevent. avert. obviate. avoid.

How do you activate something?

To activate something is to start it off, trigger it, or set it in motion. A villain in a late-night movie might say, “Activate the robot chickens!” And then you’re free to activate your remote and change the channel. To activate something is to make it active.

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What is the root word of activate?

Activation comes from the same root as the adjective active, the Latin actus, «a doing, a driving, or an impulse.»

Is activated or was activated?

1 Answer. In most simple terms, active is a state, while activated is how it got there. The former is a mere description of the things as they are, the latter reminds us that there was an action that had an agent. When something is activated, someone went and made it active.

What is an example of an activator?

One example of an activator is the protein CAP. In the presence of cAMP, CAP binds to the promoter and increases RNA polymerase activity. In the absence of cAMP, CAP does not bind to the promoter.

What does activator mean?

Definition of ‘activator’

1. a thing or person that activates. 2. Chemistry. a substance used to induce or accelerate a chemical reaction.

What is an activator personality?

Definition of Activator

People with the strength of Activator are the ones who make things happen. One of their most recognizable behaviors is the ability to turn thoughts, ideas and concepts into action. In fact, the strength of Activator can be best described or characterized as action.

Is energize a real word?

verb (used with object), en·er·gized, en·er·giz·ing. to give energy to; rouse into activity: to energize the spirit with brave words. to supply electrical current to or store electrical energy in.

Is it energize or Energise?

As verbs the difference between energise and energize

is that energise is while energize is to invigorate, to make energetic.

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What is the meaning of Actuate?

transitive verb. 1 : to put into mechanical action or motion The pump is actuated by the windmill. 2 : to move to action a decision actuated by greed.