What is a broken out section view?

A broken-out section is part of an existing drawing view, that is used to remove material to a specified depth in order to expose inner details of a model. A closed profile, usually a spline, defines the broken-out section. Users can input an exact depth or specify a depth by referencing a location in another view.

What is a broken-out section view in Solidworks?

A broken-out section view cuts away a portion of an assembly in a drawing view to expose the inside. … A broken-out section is part of an existing drawing view, not a separate view. A closed profile, usually a spline, defines the broken-out section. Material is removed to a specified depth to expose inner details.

How do you do a broken-out section view in Solidworks?

A broken-out section is part of an existing drawing view, not a separate view.

To add a broken-out section view to a section view:

  1. In a section view, click Insert > Drawing View > Broken-out Section.
  2. Sketch a closed profile such as a spline.
  3. In the PropertyManager, set options.
  4. Click .
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What is the purpose of a removed section view?

Just like any other view, Removed Sections provide the ability to break alignment, should you need to move the view to another area or show it in a different orientation.

What is full section view?

Full Sections

When a cutting plane line passes entirely through an object, the resulting section is called a full section Fig. 7 illustrates a full section. It is possible to section an object whenever a closer look intentionally is desired. Here is an object sectioned from two different directions.

What is a revolved section view?

A revolved view is a cross section of an existing view, revolved 90 degrees around a cutting plane projection. You can use a cross section created in the 3D model as the cutting plane, or you can create one on the fly while placing the view. … Select the view to cross-section.

What is an aligned section view?

An aligned section view / cut is a view created from a cutting profile defined from non parallel planes. In order to include in a section certain angled elements, the cutting plane may be bent so as to pass through those features. The plane and feature are then imagined to be revolved into the original plane.

How do you edit a broken out in SolidWorks?

To delete or edit a broken-out section:

  1. Right-click the broken-out section in the FeatureManager design tree and select one of the following.
  2. Delete.
  3. Edit Definition. Set options in the Broken-out Section PropertyManager , then click OK .
  4. Edit Sketch. Select the sketch entity and edit it, then close the sketch.
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How do I create a detail view in SolidWorks?

Creating a Detail View

  1. Click Detail View. (Drawing toolbar), or click Insert > Drawing View > Detail.
  2. The Detail View PropertyManager appears and the Circle tool. is active.
  3. Sketch a circle. …
  4. When the view is where you want it to be, click to place the view.

How do you crop a view in SolidWorks?

To crop a view:

  1. In a drawing view, sketch a closed profile such as a circle.
  2. Click Crop View. (Drawing toolbar), or click Insert > Drawing View > Crop. The view outside the profile disappears. A circle is drawn on this Section View. After cropping, only the view inside the circle is displayed.

What are the 7 types of section views?

6 Types of sectional views

  • Full sections. …
  • Half sections or views. …
  • Offset sections or views. …
  • Broken out sections or broken views. …
  • Revolving sections or view. …
  • Removed sections.

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When and why is a section view necessary?

In which case, the direction of sight is towards one half of the object. The other half is then mentally discarded. Drafters use sectional views to improve the clarity of complex objects when internal surfaces result in too many hidden lines. Special conventions are used to make a sectional view easy to understand.

What angle is used to draw section lines?

Section lines are generally drawn at a 45° angle and they are generally drawn 1/8” apart. However, different materials (steel and bronze) have different patterns that may have a uniquely different spacing. Rule 1: A section lined area is always completely bounded by a visible outline.

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What are the types of section views?

There are a number of different types of sectional views that can be drawn. A few of the more common ones are: full sections, half sections, broken sections, rotated or revolved sections, removed sections, offset sections, and assembly sections.

What is full section and half section?

2 What is the difference between a half and a full section? — A full section view is the full section. The half section view is half of the section. It is used when the object is symmetrical in both inside and outside details.

How many types of sections are there?

There are three major types of sections used in engineering drawing: full section. half section. part section.