What happens if I delete my OkCupid account?

If you delete your account, we will permanently cancel your subscription. If your subscription is via iTunes or Google Play, those services do not know when your account on OkCupid is disabled, re-enabled, or even deleted, so they do not stop your subscription and you continue to be billed.

How do I start over on OkCupid?

Yes, go to settings, click on privacy, and click on “Reset your passes”.

Can you recover deleted OkCupid account?

If you have disabled your account, you can reactivate the account any time you like. To do so, just log into OkCupid with your email address and password. … Click yes and your profile will once again be active and visible on OkCupid. If you have deleted your account, you cannot reactivate your account.

Does OkCupid delete inactive accounts?

Our privacy policy states that we delete accounts if they’ve been inactive for more than two years (that’s no logins at all). You can contact us at okcupid.com/feedback and we can help walk you through options, though.

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Is OkCupid dangerous?

But is it safe? Unfortunately, right now, the answer is no. OKCupid doesn’t use HTTPS encryption to protect their users’ safety on the vast majority of pages on their site.

How do you get unblocked from OkCupid?

If you made a mistake, you can unblock by going to your Settings page, clicking on «Privacy», scrolling down to «Blocked Users» and then clicking «Unblock» next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

Why is my OkCupid account banned?

We consider unsolicited sexual content and messages to be sexual harassment. If we find you to be in violation of our Community Guidelines and/or our Terms of Service we will ban your account.

Can you get banned from OkCupid?

If your profile is reported to us as sexually explicit or offensive, it will be banned. This includes kink/ fetish profiles, profiles describing which sex acts they are looking for, etc. We also do not allow unwanted sexually explicit messages on OkCupid.

How do I retrieve deleted messages on OkCupid?

You cannot restore or reopen the account. All things related to that account are simply lost. Now you can create a new account using the same name, but OKCupid will handle this as a brand new account.

Does OkCupid delete messages?

OkCupid messages may disappear because they user has unmatched you, they blocked you, or they simply deleted their profile. All of these options result in OkCupid message disappearing.

Can you tell the last time someone was on OkCupid?

If you mouse-over the green outlined circle, it will show you when the user was last online. If they’ve been active that day it will show you the time they were last active, any time prior that today’s day, it will give you a simple date they were last active.

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How long does OkCupid show you online?

If you have the app you’ll appear online indefinitely. It’s definitely 60 minutes. If it shows a person online at, let’s say 11:28, and when you look at their prof later, it will say they were last on at 10:30.

How much is incognito mode on OkCupid?

On OkCupid, you subscribe to Incognito Mode, with the cost depending on the subscription length: $9.99/month for 1 month. $7.99/month for 3 months.

Are there fake profiles on OkCupid?

Just because a dating profile seems too good to be true, it doesn’t mean it necessarily is – OkCupid fake profiles are prevalent today. … Worse, scammers on OkCupid might attempt to link you to paid sites and trick you out of funds. Sometimes users aren’t real people at all, but internet bots.

How good is OkCupid dating site?

OkCupid is the perfect happy medium that you might have thought didn’t exist. It’s ideal for people who don’t want anything to do with mindless swiping apps, but who also don’t want to feel like they’re desperately looking for marriage. … OkCupid debuted in 2004, making it one of the OG dating sites.

Is OkCupid safe to pay?

Originally Answered: Is OkCupid a reliable online dating website? It’s more or less as reliable as any online dating site. There are still going to be scammers.