What does tweeking mean?

Tweaking is a slang word that means to be under the influence of methamphetamine, also known as speed. It is also defined as “to malfunction or to react with extreme emotion.” Being under the influence of speed has its own risk and characteristics.

What does tweaking mean in slang?

“Tweaking” is a slang term for the compulsive, disorganized behavior that methamphetamine users exhibit, particularly after large doses or long periods of repeated dosing.

What does tweek mean in slang?

a methamphetamine-like substance. He’s in the closet doing tweek. See more words with the same meaning: stimulants (e.g. methamphetamines, caffeine).

Is it tweak or tweek?

As verbs the difference between tweak and tweek

is that tweak is to pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist; to twitch while tweek is .

What does tweaking mean on Snapchat?

Unauthorized Third-Party Apps. … A plugin, or “tweak,” is an add-on that creates additional functionalities not included in the official Snapchat app. If you use them or have them installed on your device, you may have trouble logging in — or your Snapchat account may even get locked.

What is a tweaker?

2 slang : a person who illicitly uses methamphetamine and especially crystal meth When he got like this, his neighbors would scream at him and threaten to call the cops, but they were tweakers too.—

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Is tweaking a real word?

noun. an act or instance of tweaking; a sharp, twisting pull or jerk.

What drug is tweek?

Tweak or tweaker may refer to: Tweak, a slang name for methamphetamine. Tweaker, or alternate spelling tweeker, an individual addicted to methamphetamine.

Are Tweek and Craig dating?

Tweek and Craig are genuinely together.

Does tweek have ADD?

According to his parents, Tweek suffers from ADD, but from the game «Stick of Truth», we’ve learned that his parents lace his coffee (and all the coffee they sell) with Meth, which he drinks like water. Whenever they think he needs to calm down, they just give him more coffee.

What is a tweak on iPhone?

One of the motivations for jailbreaking is the ability to customize iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and reduce annoyances using extensions and customizations for iOS and other apps commonly called as tweaks.