What does dispatcher mean?

What does the word dispatcher mean?

noun. a person who dispatches. a person who oversees the departure of trains, airplanes, buses, etc., as for a transportation company or railroad.

What does Dispatchment mean?

: the act of dispatching the first dispatchment of workers to the U.S. — Nassau (Bahamas) Guardian.

What is another word for dispatcher?

What is another word for dispatcher?

messenger courier
errand boy flag-bearer
forerunner gofer
intermediary legate
mediator minister

What does scuffle mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to struggle at close quarters with disorder and confusion. b : to struggle (as by working odd jobs) to get by. 2a : to move with a quick shuffling gait : scurry.

What is the job of a dispatcher?

Dispatcher responsibilities include:

Receiving emergency and non-emergency calls and record significant information. Addressing problems and requests by transmitting information or providing solutions. Receiving and dispatching orders for products or deliveries.

How do you use dispatcher in a sentence?

Dispatcher sentence example

  1. The dispatcher sends police immediately if needed. …
  2. In another case, Mr Williams, a US citizen, worked as a train dispatcher for South Central. …
  3. I’m a police dispatcher in Alaska and it’s amazing the similar issues we face.
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Does dispatched mean it will arrive today?

Out for delivery means the company delivering the order— Postal System or UPS OR Fedex or the retailer’s delivery truck are in the process of delivering the order. Does dispatched mean it will arrive today? No. It does not mean it will arrive today.

How long do dispatched items take?

Dispatch. Orders are processed as soon as possible and usually within 2 days (excluding Sundays). In exceptional cases, due to high demand or other reasons, order processing may take longer but every effort will be made to complete and despatch your order promptly.

Is dispatch the same as delivery?

As nouns the difference between delivery and dispatch

is that delivery is the act of conveying something while dispatch is a message sent quickly, as a shipment, a prompt settlement of a business, or an important official message sent by a diplomat, or military officer.

What is the opposite of dispatcher?

dispatch. Antonyms: retard, detain, obstruct, impede.

What is another word for scuffle?

Scuffle Synonyms — WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for scuffle?

fight scrap
affray commotion
fray scrimmage
skirmish struggle
barney melee

Have been dispatched meaning?

Anything that needs to be mailed, sent off, or quickly shipped needs to be dispatched. Letters, official reports, teams of police — if it has somewhere to be, you can dispatch it to get there.

What stunned means?

to deprive of consciousness or strength by or as if by a blow, fall, etc.: The blow to his jaw stunned him for a moment. to astonish; astound; amaze: Her wit stunned the audience. to shock; overwhelm: The world was stunned by the attempted assassination.

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What does huddled mean?

verb (used without object), hud·dled, hud·dling.

to crouch, curl up, or draw oneself together. Football. to get together in a huddle. to confer or consult; meet to discuss, exchange ideas, or make a decision.

What is a synonym for struggle?


1 oppose, contest, fight, conflict. 7 endeavor, exertion. 8 encounter, skirmish.