What does a stimulator fly imitate?

The Stimulator fly was originally developed by Randall Kaufmann to imitate a stonefly adult. But that is not the only insect the Stimulator flies can imitate, it can be seen as a grasshopper, caddis or even large drake mayflies! … The bushy profile and deer hair make the Stimulator a highly buoyant fly.

What does a stimulator fly represent?

We use the Stimulator fly as both an indicator, fishing fly and buoyancy aid. … This is a great trout fly fishing technique when trout are feeding high in the water just below the surface film.

What do nymph flies imitate?

A good rule of thumb is that nymphs imitate subsurface insects and aquatic worms in bodies of water. Streamer flies are a group of non-insect subsurface patterns that are meant to be fished under the water.

What does the renegade fly imitate?

The Renegade Dry is an attractor pattern that has been around since the late 1920’s and works great in smaller sizes to imitate a mating ball of midges, or as a searching pattern in the larger sizes. When tying this fly keep in mind that the body is split up into 3 main sections; Two sections of hackle and one of herl.

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What does a dry fly imitate?

Dry Flies. Dry flies are fished on or at the surface of water and typically imitate adult or emerging insects like mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, grasshoppers, and damselflies.

What fly does the Parachute Adams imitate?

The Adams is a traditional dry fly primarily used for trout. It is considered a general imitation of an adult mayfly, flying caddis or midge. It was designed by Leonard Halladay from Mayfield, Michigan in 1922, at the request of his friend Charles Adams.

What flies imitate mayflies?

General nymph patterns like Pheasant Tails and Hare’s Ears, in sizes 10 to 22, tied with and without beadheads will do an excellent job of imitating most mayfly nymphs. Parachute-style dry flies, tied in a couple colors—olive, yellow, gray—in sizes 10 to 22, do a good job of imitating most mayfly duns.

How can you tell a nymph from a dry fly?

If they are made of elk hair or stiffer material, they’re likely dry flies. Also, if they are made of foam, they’ll float! Nymphs– You can tell a nymph by its size and material. If it’s a softer material, small (size 8-12) it likely is a nymph.

How do you fish a renegade fly?

Fishing the Renegade is very simple. To fish as a floating snail be sure to apply some fly floatant. If you are in a float tube or kick boat simple cast the fly out and let it drift motionless, perhaps giving a slow twist to your fly line on occasion.

How do you fish with dry flies?

The more the difference in floating speeds, the great the drag issue.

  1. Keep your fly dressed. …
  2. A little floatant is all you need. …
  3. Drive for show but putt for dough. …
  4. Don’t fall in love with the drift. …
  5. Be systematic in your coverage. …
  6. Let a less than perfect cast lie. …
  7. Don’t cast to a rise. …
  8. Pick the best casting position.
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Is a nymph a wet or dry fly?

Wet Flies/Nymphs – these flies represent insects in the nymph stage of their life cycle that live under the water. … Just like with dry flies, wet flies/nymphs exist for each of the three categories of insects: Mayflies, Stoneflies and Caddis.