What does a media planner do?

As a media planner, you’ll identify which media platforms will best advertise your client’s brand or product to its target audience. You’ll work within advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies, with the aim of maximising the impact of advertising campaigns through a range of media platforms.

How much do media planners make?

Media planners in the United States make an average salary of $54,220 per year or $26.07 per hour. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $43,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $67,000.

How do I become a media planner?

A career as a media planner requires a bachelor’s degree, most commonly in business, math, or market research. Additional career qualifications include prior experience in a market research position and an in-depth understanding of advertising.

What makes a good media planner?

A good media planner has an intimate knowledge of all forms of media, including television, radio, print, out-of-home, and online. … Excellent analytical and mathematical skills enable you to review demographic data and market research to create effective media plans.

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What are the responsibilities of a planner?

From employer to employer the job description of a Planner will vary, however typical duties and activities undertaken include:

  • Create, maintain, review and administer construction schedules and plans.
  • Liaising with managers and engineers to discuss the progress of the project and address any issues that arise.

How do media buyers get paid?

The most common way media buying agencies get compensated is by earning a commission on your total advertising spend. A common rate is 15 percent of your total advertising spend. … Or, the agency may bill you directly for the entire amount of the advertising spend and pay the advertising venue the discounted amount.

How much does a media supervisor make?

Media Supervisor Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Media Supervisor Salary $80,159 US
50th Percentile Media Supervisor Salary $90,273 US
75th Percentile Media Supervisor Salary $97,271 US
90th Percentile Media Supervisor Salary $103,644 US

What is the difference between media planning and buying?

The difference between the two is that media planners select media to meet a client’s marketing goals, while media buyers negotiate the best media rates and purchase the media. In some organisations, media planning and media buying may be combined.

What does a planner do in advertising?

In the role of advertising account planner you’ll be responsible for creating the communication strategy for advertising campaigns. This includes targeting the right audience, as well as setting the tone and message of the campaign.

What does a media supervisor do?

Media Supervisor is responsible for overseeing and guiding research and development of media plans, identifying target audience and ideal media outlets. … Being a Media Supervisor may require a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

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What is media planning process?

Media planning is generally outsourced to entail sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms for a client’s brand or product to use. The job of media planning is to determine the best combination of media to achieve the objectives.

How do you negotiate buying media?

Ten Tips for Negotiating With Media Vendors

  1. Forge a partnership with the media property. …
  2. Get ideas from the media partner. …
  3. Combine visibility and performance. …
  4. Tap into a rep’s historical knowledge. …
  5. Always return media reps’ calls and e-mail. …
  6. Get the best deal. …
  7. Plan for the future. …
  8. Celebrate your plan’s completion.

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How do you become a digital media buyer?

You don’t need any special training or a graduate-level degree to become a digital media buyer. However, most agencies seek candidates with an undergraduate degree and experience in communications, PR, statistics, or marketing.

What is a town planner job description?

A town planner is responsible for the design and development of urban areas, such as towns and cities. As a town planner, you would ensure there is balance between demands on the land being developed and the needs of the community.

What is the participatory planning process?

Participatory planning is a process by which a community undertakes to reach a given socio-economic goal by consciously diagnosing its problems and charting a course of action to resolve those problems. Experts are needed, but only as facilitators.

What is the role of a city planner?

City Planner Responsibilities:

Planning the design and construction of new urban infrastructures. Assisting in the management of a city’s current infrastructure and urban resources. Designing and adapting city plans for population growth and development. Keeping communities informed of city planning developments.