What are MS DOS commands?

Command Description Type
del Deletes one or more files. Internal
delete Recovery console command that deletes a file. Internal
deltree Deletes one or more files or directories. External
dir List the contents of one or more directory. Internal

What are the DOS commands?

DOS commands

  • Further information: Drive letter assignment. The command redirects requests for disk operations on one drive to a different drive. …
  • Main article: ATTRIB. …
  • Main article: IBM BASIC. …
  • See also: start (command) …
  • Main article: cd (command) …
  • Main article: CHKDSK. …
  • Main article: choice (command) …
  • Main article: CLS (command)

What is MS-DOS used for?

MS-DOS allows the user to navigate, open, and otherwise manipulate files on their computer from a command line instead of a GUI like Windows. Today, MS-DOS is no longer used; however, the command shell, more commonly known as the Windows command line is still used by many users.

How many types of commands are there in MS-DOS?

The two types of DOS commands are internal and external commands. The DOS commands whose specifications are internally available in the command.com file and can be easily accessed are called the internal commands.

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What is MS-DOS and its features?

Features of DOS

It is machine independence. It manages (computer) files. It manages input and output system. It manages (computer) memory. It provides command processing facilities.

How do I list all drives in DOS?

Once Diskpart is open, the first thing you should do is check the current layout of your hard drives and attached storage. At the “DISKPART>” prompt, type list disk and hit enter. This will list all of the available storage drives (including hard drives, USB storage, SD cards, etc.) that your PC can currently detect.

What is DOS and its types?

Stands for «Disk Operating System.» DOS was the first operating system used by IBM-compatible computers. It was originally available in two versions that were essentially the same, but marketed under two different names. «PC-DOS» was the version developed by IBM and sold to the first IBM-compatible manufacturers.

How do I start MS-DOS?

  1. Close any open programs and restart your computer. …
  2. Press the «F8» button on your keyboard repeatedly when the first boot menu appears. …
  3. Press the down arrow key on your keyboard to select the «Safe Mode with Command Prompt» option.
  4. Press the «Enter» key to boot into DOS mode.

What is the full form of MS-DOS?

MS-DOS, in full Microsoft Disk Operating System, the dominant operating system for the personal computer (PC) throughout the 1980s.

Why is DOS still in use today?

MS-DOS is still used in embedded x86 systems due to its simple architecture and minimal memory and processor requirements, though some current products have switched to the still-maintained open-source alternative FreeDOS. In 2018, Microsoft released the source code for MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0 on GitHub.

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What are the disadvantages of DOS?


  • No multi-tasking supported by the OS.
  • Difficulty in memory access when addressing more than 640 MB of RAM.
  • Interrupt levels for hardware needs to be managed by our self.
  • The OS does not support automatic IRQ ordering.

What is difference between DOS and Windows 10?

It consumes less memory and power than windows. Window has no full form but it is widely used operating system than DOS operating system.

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