Is TV buddy a ripoff?

If it does not function like it is supposed to, then it is a scam and it is not worth a purchase. Thankfully, TVBuddy works great. It functions as it is supposed to and provides peerless streaming from the smart device onto the television at minimal cost and with minimal hassle.

Is TV buddy any good?

Tv buddy caster reviews have so far been cautiously optimistic as each user has shared a positive experience while using the device. Overall all the tv buddy antenna reviews state the product is easy to operate, sleek design, and most of all it is cost-effective.

Is TVFix a con?

Is this a Scam? No, it’s a real product, but their advertising morals leave a lot to be desired. The things claimed in the advertising are just not supported by the product itself. The TVFix does little more than an Apple TV or Chromecast can do for you.

Does Walmart sell the TV buddy?

TV Buddy Caster Wireless Streaming Full HD Videos Movies from Smartphone Tablet Computer to Widescreen TV Support AirPlay DLNA AirMirror Cross-System Mirroring.

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What is the cheapest way to watch TV?

8 Ways to Watch TV Without Paying for Cable

  1. Netflix. Cost: $7.99-$13.99/month depending on how many screens you stream to at one time. …
  2. Hulu Plus. Cost: $7.99/month. …
  3. Sling TV. Cost: $20/month (Sling Orange, the cheapest version) …
  4. Amazon Video. …
  5. HBO Now. …
  6. CBS All Access. …
  7. Playstation Vue. …
  8. DirecTV Now.

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What channels can you get with TV buddy?

There are very few HDTV antennas out there that will give you HD channels free of charge. TV Buddy Antenna is one of them. With this amazing antenna, you get such channels as NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, CBS, among others in HD, and absolutely free of charge.

What happened Buddy TV?

BuddyTV was an entertainment-based website based in Seattle, Washington, which generated content about television programs and sporting events. … The site was shut down on 22 May 2018.

Does TV buddy need WiFi?

You just need your smartphone and television. Will an ethernet connection be required for streaming with TV Buddy? No. But, you will require an internet connection.

Does TV fix require WiFi?

TVFix lets consumers stream absolutely anything from their phone without the need for additional services or monthly costs or memberships. While a Wi-Fi connection is required, and compatible TV models must have an HDMI input, the casting device should work with most models that are currently out.

Are TV repairs legal?

There’s a legal, safe and secure way to do this – a new invention – TVFix Caster. The TVFix caster is the almighty portable device that allows you to comfortably stream YouTube, browse through Facebook, and watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and even adult content!

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Does Walmart sell Clear TV?

Clear TV Premium HDTV Antenna, As Seen on TV — —

Is Clear TV real?

The Clear TV is essentially an antenna that lets you pick up television channels without having to pay a monthly satellite or cable bill. Instead, the only cost is the upfront cost of purchasing the antenna. Once it is installed, you can watch TV for free.

Does buy Clear TV work?

Final verdict

Given the results of our testing, buying the Clear TV HDTV Antenna is a tough sell. On one hand, we saw great reception and plenty of channels in a second-floor setting—and at $10, it worked about as well as pricier antennas that we have tested in the space.

How can I get basic TV for free?

1. Get free Basic Cable TV with an HDTV antenna. There is a thing called Broadcast Digital TV that apparently most people are unaware of. According to the, you can receive signals for the major networks such as NBC, FOX, and ABC, as well as PBS and local stations for free with a Hi-Def antenna.

How do I get rid of cable and still watch TV?

How to ditch cable and still watch your favorite TV shows

  1. Here’s the non-techy guide to ditching your cable or satellite and still watch your favorite television shows and live sporting events: …
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick. …
  3. Roku Box or Stick. …
  4. Apple TV. …
  5. Chromecast. …
  6. A streaming-capable gaming device (PS4, Wii, Xbox) …
  7. Here are the most popular streaming options:
  8. Netflix ($9 – $16/month)
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Who has the cheapest TV and Internet packages?

Cheap TV and internet providers

Provider Plan name Starting price
Spectrum Double Play Select $89.98/mo.*
Suddenlink Internet 100 + Value TV $55.00/mo.*
Verizon Fios 200 Mbps + Your Fios TV $89.99/mo.*
Xfinity Performance Starter + TV Extra $70.00/mo.*