Is there a monthly fee for the tile?

The company’s probably not too worried about money because of its new subscription plan. Tile Premium costs $29.99 a year or $2.99 a month and covers an unlimited number of Tiles.

Does tile need charging?

The quality components in Tile will run for 1 year. You don’t need to charge Tile or replace the battery. Simply after 1 year, we can help you recycle your old Tiles and replace them with the latest model.

Is tile worth the money?

Our Verdict. The Tile Pro is the best key tracker you get. with great range and a loud alarm. The range on the Tile Mate isn’t as extensive, but at $10 off the Pro’s price, it’s a good value.

What is tile premium subscription?

Tile Premium is a subscription for your Tile products that offers amazing customer support, unlimited sharing, and bonus features you won’t find with the standard app.

How do I cancel my tile subscription?

If you signed up on, you may cancel your Premium Membership by logging into your account at and selecting “Cancel Subscription.” If you signed up through the App, you may cancel your Premium Membership via the applicable App Store where you downloaded the App.

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Does tile work without WiFi?

You do not need any kind of network connection (cell data or WiFi) in order to: Ring your Tile, using Bluetooth only. Access the map to see your Tile’s last known location.

Does tile drain battery?

A device that requires a constant, steady Bluetooth connection, like using Bluetooth headphones to stream music, will drain a bit of battery. However, if your device just has to check in with your phone occasionally, like a Tile Mate tracker, barely any power is needed.

Can I use tile to track my husband?

Whenever a person who is running the Tile app on their phone passes within range of your Tile, their device will automatically and anonymously update your app with your Tile’s most recent location. You’ll then receive a notification of your Tile’s last known location so you can journey back there to try to find it!

Which is better tile or Chipolo?

When you ring your Tile Mate to try to find it, it’s maximum volume is 119 decibels (dB), almost 30 dB louder than the Chipolo (and almost 40dB louder than the previous-generation Mate). … While you certainly shouldn’t submerge your Tile, it’s still better protected than the Chipolo if you take your things around water.

Can you track someone with tile?

The Tile itself does not use GPS. … Whenever a person who is running the Tile app on their phone passes within range of your Tile, their device will automatically and anonymously update your app with your Tile’s most recent location.

Does tile work without a subscription?

Tile does not require a Premium subscription to use their trackers. They work as standalone units, and users can access all of the core features without paying extra. Tile trackers work with the free Tile app, so you can see where they last were, and you’re able to ring your Tile as long as it’s within Bluetooth range.

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Do tiles expire?

We do not control the lifespan of your Tile; the battery is guaranteed to last a full year (or 3 years for Sticker and Slim) from your purchase date. … If your Tile’s battery dies before a year has passed from the time of purchase, we’ll replace it free of charge. Our Customer Care team would be happy to help you!

What’s the difference between tile pro and tile mate?

The Tile Pro doubles the range of the Tile Mate, which gives you that extra peace of mind, knowing you can find what you’re looking for, even if you’re not super close to it. Plus, the Tile Pro is slightly louder, meaning that if you are near the end of that 400-foot range, you should be able to hear it.

How far does tile work?

(As a point of reference, the Tile app tells you how many other active Tile users are within roughly 5 to 6 miles of your current location.) With older Tile models, each tracker lasted only about a year before its internal battery was drained and the entire tracker had to be replaced.

Can you return tile?

Tile can only refund orders placed directly through our website. If you purchased your Tile(s) through another party (like please contact them for return instructions. The order must be returned in good condition with its original packaging. For more information, visit our Warranty and Refund Policy Page.

How long does tile battery last?

Tile promises customers 12 months of battery life, but some complain that this salient information is buried in the advertising materials and are disappointed when they discover it’s not built to last.