Is StartUp Kdrama finished?

Will there be a season 2 of startup Kdrama?

As it currently stands, Netflix hasn’t yet renewed start-Up’ to get a second season. So, we believe it is safe to assume now that start-Up’ season 2 is probably canceled.

Does start up Kdrama have a happy ending?

Han Ji-pyeong offers a real investment after discussion with Yoon Seon-hak. Start-Up finally offers a moment between Do-san and Han Ji-pyeong — they finally find peace in their friendship that has been up and down since the series began.

How many episodes will startup Kdrama have?

Start-Up (South Korean TV series)

No. of episodes 16 (list of episodes)
Producer Hwang Ki Young
Running time 72–85 minutes

Does Dal Mi end up with Ji Pyeong or do san?

tVn’s Start-Up already ended but it is still causing a buzz among fans of the drama. According to a report by All Kpop, Start-Up fans still can’t get over Suzy’s character Dal Mi ending up with Nam Do San, the character played by Nam Joo Hyuk.

Is Kdrama startup good?

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about watching people involved in startup companies, but I actually enjoyed even that aspect. The characters and their personal stories tied into the company happenings and was blended nicely. It was an underdog story of challenge and growth with a team of people that are a lot of fun.

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Is sandbox real in Korea start up?

This Is Seoul’s Nodeul Island, the Real-Life Sandbox From the K-Drama ‘Start-Up’ Featured in K-pop videos and K-dramas, Nodeul Island is an idyllic lifestyle space in the middle of Seoul’s Han River. Nodeul Island is a small artificial island located near Seoul’s financial hub, Yeouido.

Does Ji Pyeong like Dal mi?

Ji Pyeong doesn’t want Dal Mi to be hurt by the fact that the only thing that comforted her during such a difficult time of her life was fake. This is what urges him to find Do San and make reality out of a lie. He also craves Dal Mi’s love, but he doesn’t covet it over her happiness.

Is Dalmi’s father alive?

In a shocking turn of events though, Dal Mi’s father died in a car accident just as he was about to get his big break in the tech world. Dal Mi then grew up with her grandmother whom she helped with her corn dog business; she also hopped from one odd job to another to make ends meet.

Who ends up together in startup Kdrama?

The family of Dal Mi has all gotten together well, and it was revealed that Sa Ha revealed she is dating Chul San. The last scene shows the four main characters on their way to a shareholders meeting. The end.

How old is Kim Seon Ho?

34 years (May 8, 1986)

What happened to Dal Mi father in startup?

On the way home, Dal-mi’s father collapses on the bus. When he gets up he is struggling to speak properly and he’s slurring his words. Dal-mi narrates, talking about how much those letters meant to her during tough times as Han Ji-pyeong cries on the bus. The scene flits back to the bus and Dal-mi’s father has died.