Is Rose Hill or Lincoln Center better?

Lincoln Center is very different from Rose Hill, but the value and quality of education is the same. Lincoln Center is stronger for the performing arts; Theater, dance (Alvin Aley affiliation) and in the heart of the city in high rise buildings. Fordham College at Rose Hill is the oldest of all schools (est.

How hard is it to get into Fordham Lincoln Center?

With an undergraduate admissions rate of 46%, Fordham is moderately selective. In the fall of 2018, 46,164 students applied and 21,216 were admitted. Of those, approximately 2,260 students actually enrolled.

Is Fordham Rose Hill safe?

Pedro: Fordham’s Rose Hill is a very safe, enclosed campus. … The transportation to and from campus, however, is superb and very safe. The Fordham stop on the Metro North Railroad (which goes express into and out of Manhattan 24/7) is a few meters away from a campus entrance.

Which is Fordham’s main campus?

Rose Hill. Our 85-acre Bronx campus features Gothic architecture and tree-lined walkways. It’s home to over 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students as well as Fordham College at Rose Hill, the Gabelli School of Business, our Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Graduate School of Religion and Religious Studies.

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What are the different Fordham colleges?

  • Fordham College at Lincoln Center.
  • Fordham College at Rose Hill.
  • Gabelli School of Business.
  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Graduate School of Education.
  • Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education.
  • Graduate School of Social Service.
  • School of Law.

What is the difference between Rose Hill and Lincoln Center?

Lincoln Center is stronger for the performing arts; Theater, dance (Alvin Aley affiliation) and in the heart of the city in high rise buildings. Fordham College at Rose Hill is the oldest of all schools (est. 1841), has the most tradition and located on a traditional and Gothic campus in the Bronx.

Is Fordham expensive?

While Fordham ranks among the most expensive universities in the world, its financial aid ranks in the top fifth of U.S. institutions, meaning most students are paying far less than the $75,000 sticker price. … Scholarships and grants are given out to 81% of students, with an average yearly award of $24,954.

Is Fordham prestigious?

Based on a survey conducted in the spring of 2018, Fordham was ranked among the most prestigious universities for putting a particular emphasis on undergraduate teaching.

Why is Fordham ranked so low?

Fordham has a low yield because it accepts a lot of kids that end up going to top 20 schools, which hurts them a lot in the rankings. Speaking as a current student, Fordham is excellent academically, but it definitely doesn’t curve, so don’t bank on getting an easy A like at some Ivy League schools.

Is Fordham a party school?

Ignoring the exception of Hughes Hall, the freshman dorm which quite possibly houses every single drug user on campus as well as future alcoholics and inmates, Fordham is no different than any other party-hardy campus around America.

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Is Fordham a top tier school?

20, ranks Fordham at No. 67 among the 262 top-tier national universities, moving up three places from a year ago. In the last four years, Fordham has moved up 17 places, from 84th. In all, the magazine lists four tiers in the national universities category.

Who is Fordham named after?

Rose Hill is the name given to the site in 1787 by Robert Watts, a wealthy New York merchant, in honor of his family’s ancestral home of the same name in Scotland. The College, which opened with a student body of six, was originally staffed by diocesan clergy.

Is Fordham a Jesuit school?

As both Catholic and Jesuit in identity, Fordham University draws a great deal of its inspiration from both of these rich and lively traditions. … At Fordham, one experiences the same Jesuit approach to education that has endured since the founding of the Society of Jesus by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1534.

How many campuses does Fordham have?

No matter which of Fordham’s two main campuses you choose, the same incredibly diverse New York City experience will be there for the taking.

Is Fordham a liberal arts school?

Fordham College at Lincoln Center is the dynamic liberal arts college on Fordham’s attractive and self-contained campus at the cultural and communications crossroads of Manhattan.