Is Flipgrid only video?

If students don’t have a camera, they can still import a video a Flipgrid. … Even with video, students don’t need to show their faces in the video! Students can use a board to cover the camera, use stickers, and other creative ways to submit audio-only videos! Students can also include text in their videos.

Can you delete your video on Flipgrid?

Go to to see all the videos you have ever recorded with your email. There, you can use the Actions button to Delete this video or Hide this video. To hide your video: Navigate to the video and select the Actions button. … Select Delete this video.

Can anyone Flipgrid?

Flipgrid can be used by educators and students throughout the world regardless of age.

What is Flipgrid and how does it work?

Flipgrid is a website that allows teachers to create «grids» to facilitate video discussions. … Students can respond via the Flipgrid app or website with any camera-enabled device or by uploading a previously recorded video. Responses can be 15 seconds to five minutes, and a maximum recording time can be set.

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How do you send a Flipgrid?

How to submit a video:

  1. Record the video. Select the record button on the bottom of the camera to start and pause the camera. Add fun stickers, filters, text, and more. …
  2. Review the video. Trim, rearrange, or add more video clips. …
  3. Submit your video! Edit your cover image, name, add a title, or attach a link.

Can you edit Flipgrid video after posting?

Flipgrid is simple, quick, and fun! With that in mind, there is not a way to edit a video after you have clicked submit {during the creation process you can review, re-record, add more, trim, and rearrange clips}.

How do I make my Flipgrid video private?

Enabling Topic Moderation

  1. Access your educator account at
  2. Within Discussions, create a new Topic or go to Actions and Edit Topic.
  3. Go to the Essentials section and turn on Topic Moderation to default video responses and comments to be hidden.
  4. Select Create or Update Topic to save your changes.

Can students see each other’s work in Flipgrid?

The teacher can share the link to a student’s topic with their parents or guardians so they can view their child’s work throughout the year. Since the topics can also be available to every student in the class, students can observe their classmates’ work.

Who uses Flipgrid?

It seems that people all over the world have been using Flipgrid in all sorts of creative ways. Flipgrid is a video response platform where educators can have online video discussions with students or other educators. Teachers can provide feedback to students AND better yet students can provide feedback to one another.

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Can you share Flipgrid videos?

Flipgrid allows educators to share one specific video on a Group or Topic for view-only access and not allow access to everything else. This is a great way to share student videos with families! … Access your educator account at to visit your main Discussions page.

How long can a Flipgrid video be?

Flipgrid allows up to 10-minute videos. Learn how to edit your Topic for up to 10 minutes here. If you and your students need longer videos, here are a few options: Submit multiple videos.

What is the point of Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is designed to allow students to speak to the group but without the same fear that might constrict responses in a real-world situation. Students can re-record responses, removing the pressure of answering in class, on the spot. Of course, it’s also a great tool for use when learning remotely.

Why is my Flipgrid video black?

Update to the latest browser version of choice. Flipgrid recommends using New Edge or Chrome. … Force quit the browser and try again (hold Command+Q on Mac, Alt+F4 on PC, close ALL windows on Chromebooks). Try another browser to see if the issue persists.

Why isn’t my Flipgrid video uploading?

Upload Error

If you are unable to submit and see an error saying it can’t be uploaded, you should have an option to download the video. Download the video so you can import it into the Flipgrid camera later. To fix your issue, try logging out of the Topic or Group by selecting Log Out in the top right.

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Who can view Flipgrid videos?

Educators can choose to moderate videos on their Topics. This means videos are defaulted to be hidden from anyone else on the Topic and only visible to the educator. The educator can choose to make those visible or keep them hidden.