Is Explorer EXE important?

Explorer.exe runs the Windows Program Manager or Windows Explorer, a the graphical shell manager for the Windows operating system. This is system component that is essential for the proper functioning of Windows. It should not be removed.

What happens if I end explorer exe?

If you will end an multiple of explorer.exe, Taskbar, windows and desktop icons will dissapear. After reboot everything will go normal.

Can I delete Explorer EXE?

You must to change ownership and permissions of explore.exe file to do that one succesfull. Check Do not store password. The Task will only have access to local computer resources. The script will delete the explorer.exe file sucessfully during the system startup.

What is the use of Explorer EXE?

Windows Explorer (Explorer.exe) is a program manager process that provides the graphical interface you use to interact with most of Windows—the Start menu, taskbar, notification area, and File Explorer. Occasionally, any of these pieces that make up the Windows graphical shell can start acting strangely or even hang.

What does Explorer EXE mean?

The executable module in Windows that contains the Start menu, Taskbar, desktop and file manager. EXPLORER. EXE is a Windows process that is run automatically at startup and remains an active process. See Explorer and shell.

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Why is Explorer EXE running so high?

Sometimes explorer.exe high CPU usage can occur due to certain malware. A certain process can be running in the background without your knowledge, and that can cause high CPU usage on your PC. If you’re having this issue on your PC, we advise you to perform a full system scan and check if that solves the problem.

Can I disable Windows Explorer?

In the Programs and Features section on the Programs screen, click the “Turn Windows features on or off” link. The Windows Features dialog box displays. Uncheck the “Internet Explorer 11” box. … To continue disabling Internet Explorer, click “Yes”.

Why is explorer exe not working?

If your explorer.exe file is not loading whenever you start your computer, this may signify file corruption, a system error or the presence of a virus. … These tools are accessible by any user with administrator privileges, so you may need to check with system administrator before making any change.

How do I disable Explorer EXE?

Stop Explorer.exe Through Task Manager

  1. Press «Ctrl-Alt-Del.»
  2. Click «Start Task Manager.»
  3. Click the «Processes» tab.
  4. Right-click the «explorer.exe» entry. …
  5. Click the Windows «Start» button.
  6. Press and hold the «Ctrl» and «Shift» keys. …
  7. Click «Exit Explorer» to stop explorer.exe from running.
  8. Press the «Ctrl-Alt-Del.»

How do I know if I have explorer exe virus?

The explorer.exe file is located in the folder C:Windows, if explorer.exe is anywhere else then it can be considered malware. If your computer is very slow and there are multiple instances of Explorer.exe, dllhost.exe or cmmon32.exe process running in Windows Task Manager, then your computer is infected with Trojan.

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Is Explorer EXE safe?

The true explorer.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called «Windows Explorer». However, writers of malware programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans deliberately give their processes the same file name to escape detection.

Why did Microsoft remove file explorer?

r/xboxinsiders. File explorer is removed from Xbox One due to limited usage.

How do I fix Windows Explorer?


  1. Update your current video driver. …
  2. Run System File Checker (SFC) to check your files. …
  3. Scan your PC for Virus or Malware infections. …
  4. Start your PC in Safe Mode to check for startup issues. …
  5. Start your PC in a Clean Boot environment and troubleshoot the issue. …
  6. Additional Troubleshooting Steps:

Where should Explorer EXE be located?

Run explorer.exe

The executable file for File Explorer is explorer.exe. You will find it in the Windows folder. Double click on it and File Explorer will be launched.

How do I replace Explorer EXE?

Method 1: Change registry path to explorer.exe

  1. Step Right-click on regedit at the top and select “Run as administrator”
  2. Step Uncollapse the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Windows NT>CurrentVersion>Winlogon.
  3. Step Change explorer.exe to explorer2.exe.