Is a hospital birth certificate a legal document?

Often, people don’t realize that what they consider their official birth certificate is not actually a legal document. The copy given to new parents at the hospital, sometimes with the baby’s footprints on it, is meant to be a cherished keepsake but is not valid for official proof of identity.

Is a hospital birth record the same as a birth certificate?

The live birth hospital form is used primarily for data entry purposes, whereas a Birth Certificate is used as proof of identity, age, and citizenship.

Can you use hospital birth certificate passport?

For passport applicants who do not have a certified birth certificate, a hospital’s certificate of live birth is accepted as proof of citizenship when accompanied by additional documentation.

What is an official birth document?

A certified birth certificate is an official government-issued record of a person’s birth, printed on security paper and includes an official raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal.

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What states are birth certificates illegal in?

Some states, including Arizona and Texas, prohibit certifying copies of any recordable documents. Georgia prohibits copy certification for publicly recordable documents, such as divorce decrees and university transcripts.

How long does a hospital have to keep birth records?

Hospitals are required to keep your medical records for six years from the date of your last treatment unless you were an infant (under age 18).

What is the difference between a birth certificate and a certified birth certificate?

A certified copy of your birth certificate is a copy made by the state agency charged with storing the documents. Agency registrars stamp, emboss or sign the copy to indicate that it is a true and correct copy of the original document in their records. Certified copies are generally required for passport applications.

Can I apply passport without birth certificate?

Passport acceptance facilities typically ask for a birth certificate as proof of citizenship. However, you can receive a passport without giving a birth certificate, as long as you give sufficient information in its place. Print and complete Forms DS-10 and DS-11. … Show proof of U.S. citizenship.

How can I prove my citizenship without a birth certificate?

If you had a non-institutional birth or no longer have your original birth certificate, the DOS might ask you to provide additional proof of citizenship. If this is the case, you will receive a letter requesting secondary evidence such as: immigration status of your parents at the time of your birth.

Can I use my birth certificate instead of a passport?

A valid US passport may be used as proof of citizenship. For applicants who cannot present a valid passport, a certified birth certificate is the preferred proof of citizenship.

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What does a fake birth certificate look like?

Identify if the birth certificate is fake.

The seal is often raised or multicolored. It can also be impressed into the paper. If the birth certificate doesn’t have a seal, then it could be fake. … A genuine birth certificate should also have the person’s full name, as well as the place and date of birth.

Why would you need your birth certificate?

It provides legal identity. A birth certificate is required for Social Security, Medicaid, school enrollment, driver’s license, social services such as a marriage license, and more. … It allows us to identify public health trends such as teenage pregnancy, birth defects, and HIV.

Is an original birth certificate a certified one?

That certificate is called a “Certified Copy”, as indicated by the black-colored arrow in the sample birth certificate below. That is what most people call an “original” birth certificate, but in reality, you are never issued the original birth certificate—only a certified copy.

What happens if you sign the birth certificate and not the father?

If someone who is not the biological father signs the birth certificate, it is considered paternity fraud.

Is it illegal to have two birth certificates?

Yes , a person cannot can not have two birth certificates and it is illegal simply because two separate identities of a same person you can be created .

Is a photocopy of a birth certificate valid?

A certified copy be used to obtain identification for a person named on the certificate, whereas a certified informational copy CANNOT be used. … For more information, please refer to the application of the vital record you are seeking, or view our page, Authorized Copy vs. Informational Copy.