How much does JDate cost?

Membership Type Length Cost
Premium 6 months $29.99 per month
Premium 3 months $44.99 per month
Premium 1 month $59.99 per month

Is jdate a good dating site?

JDate is designed well and stylish as well as easy to use for members. It makes browsing for dates very pleasant with its cool and catchy interface. The profile section is also well highlighted for the viewing pleasure of every member on the site.

Is there a jdate for seniors?

It’s a big community – some 2 million members – so Jewish seniors have got a great chance of finding someone in their age range and their locality. For Jewish seniors who want to meet someone of their faith, JDate is a fantastic resource.

What does a flirt mean on jdate?

Flirt: If you’re hoping to feel things out with someone who piqued your interest, send a pre-written flirt on JDate that sounds most like you. It lets the other person know you’re interested without taking too much of a risk.

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How much does JSwipe cost?

JSwipe Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
First Class
1 Month 24.99 USD / Month 24.99 USD
3 Months 15.00 USD / Month 44.99 USD
6 Months 10.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD

What does the yellow plus sign mean on jdate?

Notify all Jdate users of your Messaging+ status with the badge designating this on your profile photo. This badge signifies to free members that they will be able to read and respond to your messages!

How does J Date work?

With Jdate you will get matches sent to you and you can browse through even more profiles at your leisure. It’s the best of both worlds! Up to seven targeted matches will be sent to you daily.

What is the safest dating site for seniors?

Here are the best dating sites for senior singles 50 and over:

  1. eharmony. …
  2. …
  3. OkCupid. …
  4. …
  5. SilverSingles. …
  6. SeniorMatch. …
  7. Elite Singles. …
  8. Zoosk.

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How do I meet a nice man at 60?

One of the best places to meet a good man is to go where he is doing what he loves. For example, sign up for a book club, wine club, yoga class, outdoors adventure club, movie club, or join a church or spirituality group or political activism group. Check out for ideas of fun activities near you.

What is the most popular dating site for seniors?

Best Senior Dating Sites

Expert Review Company
1 Easy to Use
2 Great Matching eHarmony
3 Great Profile Depth SilverSingles
4 Great Local Matches
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How long does it take jdate to approve photos?

Once your photos are uploaded, you’ll see “Pending Approval” on each image. We try to get through all photo submissions quickly, but please allow 24-48 hours for approval. Please keep in mind that removing, adding, or rearranging photos during the approval process may result in longer approval time.

How do I use JSwipe?

On JSwipe, you swipe through one profile at a time just like on Tinder. You can also check multiple photos at a time in the “Explore” section. When swiping, you tap on the blue heart if you are interested, the red X to pass and if you want to use your Super Swipe click on the yellow star.

What does the heart mean on jdate?

From the LookBook page you’ll see the member’s Profile Photo, Display Name, Age, Location, Match Percentage, and Essay. You’ll have the option to make a selection on each profile: Clicking on the Heart indicates a Like. Clicking on the X indicates that you’ll pass on the profile.

Do you have to pay for JSwipe?

With our free membership, you can update your profile and add photos. You can also chat with any of our members once you’ve matched with them, and you can send 1 Super Swipe a day.

Is jdate free?

You can use JDate for free, but what you can do is limited. Free users can: Set up a profile. Add up to 6 photos.

What does a heart mean on JSwipe?

Heart — This indicates you are saying «Yes», or «Liking» their profile. You can also swipe right to indicate this.