How much does it cost to record an audiobook?

PFH rates range from $50 per finished hour, all the way up to $400 or more depending upon the skill, experience, and reputation of the narrator. If you are looking for an experienced narrator on ACX, you should expect to budget $150 to $250 per finished hour.

How much does it cost to record an audio book?

Expect to pay about $100 per hour in the studio. Because the process of recording the narration takes twice as long as the finished book, that would be 10 hours in the studio for a 40,000-word book. The studio cost of narrating that book would be $1,000 at $100/hour.

Can I record my own audiobook?

Yes, You Can Record Your Own Audiobook.

How do you get paid for recording audio books?

On ACX there are 3 ways that you can get paid for work as a narrator:

  1. Per-finished-hour (one flat rate payment for the entire book)
  2. Royalty share (you split royalties 50/50 with the author or “rights holder”)
  3. Royalty share plus (a combination of royalty share and PFH).

27 мар. 2017 г.

What do you need to record an audiobook?

Here’s what you need to make an audiobook:

  1. A good USB mic. The Blue Snowball condenser mic or the Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone are recommended.
  2. A pop filter. The Earamble Studio Microphone Pop Filter is recommended.
  3. Audacity.
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How long does it take to record an audiobook?


The average audiobook runs about 12 hours, but the process of making them takes a lot longer. For pros like Gilbert, the ratio of finished audio to recording time is tight—maybe 1 hour of final audiobook for every hour and 15 minutes spent in the booth.

Do audiobook narrators get royalties?

Narrators get paid in one of 3 ways: Pay for Production, Royalty Share, and Royalty Share Plus. The way it works is authors and narrators contact each other and negotiate a pay per finished hour (PFH).

How do I become an audiobook narrator?

How To Become An Audiobook Narrator

  1. Practice reading out loud, but make it sound as if you are NOT reading.
  2. Make a recording of your voice.
  3. Learn to breathe from your diaphragm instead of your chest.
  4. Try small parts acting in skits while staying in character.
  5. Take acting lessons or voice lessons.

13 сент. 2017 г.

Can you record yourself reading a book?

If they love a book and want to have the experience of reading it aloud with you, just grab that, and record it. Then, when you’re away, they can open the book and ask Google Assistant to start playing your recording.

Can you make money with ACX?

ACX production costs are low, so there’s more profit to go around. A unique and robust royalty model. Depending on the distribution rights granted to Audible, authors, publishers, and other Rights Holders, as well as narrators, studio professionals, and other Producers can earn royalties of up to 40%.

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How do you audition for Audible books?

To submit an audition:

  1. Visit the Audition Script tab that contains a brief section of the book usually one or two pages to record yourself reading.
  2. Record it in the studio where you’d produce the book if you were to win the job.
  3. Upload your audition, and enter any notes to the Rights Holder you’d like to include.