How long is the LG Phoenix 4?

Screen Size 5 inches 6.2 inches
Item Dimensions 5.7 x 3.2 x 2.9 inches 6.29 x 3.02 x 0.34 inches
Item Weight 5.92 ounces 6.53 ounces
Operating System Android 7.1 Android 10.0
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How big is a LG Phoenix 4?


Design Size comparison
Dimensions: 5.85 x 2.9 x 0.34 inches (148.6 x 73.7 x 8.6 mm)
Weight: 5.93 oz (168.0 g)
Materials: Back: Plastic
Keys: Left: Volume control; Right: Lock/Unlock key

Is the LG Phoenix 4 a good phone?

Pros: Good camera for an inexpensive phone 8mp/5mp. 16 gb of internal storage compared to 8 in my last cheap phone. Internet browsing is good, if you use a decent wi-fi setup, ATT mobile data is very slow for me. Nice clear 720p screen, easy to see/use.

How old is the LG Phoenix 4?

The LG Phoenix 4 (LM-X210APM) smartphone released in 2018. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 MSM8917 chipset, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage.

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How big is the LG Phoenix 5?

LG Phoenix 5 Specifications

display type IPS LCD
screen size 5.5 inches (13.97 cm)
screen resolution 720 x 1560 pixels
touch screen Yes Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch
pixel density 312 ppi

Does LG Phoenix 4 have fingerprint?

No, LG Phoenix 4 doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor.

How much is a LG Phoenix 4?

Compare with similar items

This item LG Phoenix 4 AT&T Prepaid Smar… LG Phoenix 4 AT&T Prepaid Smar…
Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars 346 reviews 4.1 out of 5 stars 31 reviews
Price $59.99 $53.99
Sold By shoppers farm Mobile Dist
Battery life 4.0 4.4

Does the LG Phoenix 4 have wireless charging?

LG Phoenix 4 Wireless Chargers.

Is the LG Phoenix 4 unlocked?

LG Phoenix 4 — (UNLOCKED) 16GB AT&T / T-Mobile / Family Mobile / Cricket / MetroPCS Smartphone, Black (LATEST MODEL)

Does the LG Phoenix 4 have WIFI calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is turned on as part of the activation process. To use Wi-Fi Calling, you’ll need a Wi-Fi Internet connection and a postpaid AT&T wireless account provisioned with HD Voice. Certain restrictions, requirements or limitations may apply. Visit About Wi-Fi Calling or for more details.

How can I make my LG Phoenix 4 faster?

How to make LG Phoenix 4 run faster and more responsive?

  1. Perform hard reset on LG Phoenix 4. …
  2. Try updating LG Phoenix 4 firmware. …
  3. Always monitor the internal memory space — too little of it may cause serious problems with LG Phoenix 4 performance.
  4. Make sure that all your files such as photos and videos are on external memory (like SD memory card)

How do I bypass Google lock on LG Phoenix 4?

-To successfully Bypass frp LG PHOENIX 4, we have to disable google account manager & Google Play Services as well. -From the settings, tap on “Apps”, and then tap on “3 dots” from top right corner & hit on “Show System”. -Go down and tap on > Google Account Manager > Force Stope > OK > Disable > Yes.

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How do I update my LG Phoenix 4?

Tap Settings > About phone > System Updates. Tap Update Now to manually check for a new update. You will be prompted if a new software update is available.

Is the LG Phoenix 5 WaterProof?

LG Phoenix 5 is not going to be Waterproof. … The device is a budget friendly device and is not expected to come with any IP Rating for being WaterProof.

What year did the LG Phoenix 5 come out?

The LG Phoenix 5 (LM-K300AMA) smartphone released in 2020. It is powered by Mediatek Helio P22 MT6762 chipset, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. The LG Phoenix 5 runs on Android OS v10.

How do you go back on an LG Phoenix 5?

How to get back the Home & Back Button on LG Phoenix 5

  1. Pull down the status bar on your Phoenix 5 and hit the settings icon.
  2. We are now in the Settings app. …
  3. The default navigation style is set to “Gestures”. …
  4. We can rearrange the home touch button position and add 2 more buttons.

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