How long is Razer warranty?

Product Warranty Period
Razer Phone and Phone Accessories 1 year
Razer Mice 2 years
Razer Keyboards and Keypads 2 years^^
Razer Headsets, Earphones and Earbuds 2 years^^

How long do Razer products last?

Reputable. Never had a Razer product, but any decent keyboard with mechanical switches should last you over 5 years at the very least with that usage.

How long do Razer keyboards last?

Razer will very happily tell you the BlackWidow V3 Pro lasts up to 192 hours with the RGBs off. And they’re right to be stoked about that number, because that’s a really long time.

Can you return Razer products?

Return and Refund Policies and Procedures

If you purchased your products from You have 14 days to return your product from the date it was received. The product must be returned in its original condition and packaging. All promotional and bundled products that are part of the order should be returned.

Is Amazon a Razer reseller? Customer Questions & Answers. Does this product come with proof of purchase for a Razer Warranty since Razer is the seller, or is it still considered a reseller? Yes, this product comes with a proof of purchase and includes warranty support when purchased through the «Sold by» option.

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Are Razer products overpriced?

Yes Razer is overpriced. But just like Alienware it is a «premium luxury product» and the high price helps make sure that the «High Quality» tag is maintained.

Is Razer a bad brand?

Razer isn’t bad. They have some bad products but so does corsair. Doesn’t mean they’re actually bad as a company.

Why are Razer keyboards bad?

While there are tons more Razer keyboards, there has been an outstanding number of reports of key switch failures. Basically the lack of quality control just makes their key switches suck. Lots of problems with key chatter, cold soldering, and switches failing when you take off keycaps.

Are Razer keyboards worth it?

Overall, Razer keyboards can be worth it for the price even though they are on pricier end. … If you need a keyboard for typing and gaming, the Blackwidow is your best bet since it comes with several different mechanical switch options that are much better to type on than the Razer optical switches.

Does Razer have a 60% keyboard?

Enter a new dimension of deadly with the Razer Huntsman Mini—a 60% gaming keyboard with cutting-edge Razer Optical Switches. Highly portable and ideal for streamlined setups, it’s time to experience lightning-fast actuation in our most compact form factor yet.

Does Razer have lifetime warranty?

Razer does not offer a warranty for third-party products. If you need product or warranty support with your third-party product, please contact the product manufacturer. … ^^^^^ Limited Warranty: The Razer Iskur is free from defects in workmanship, materials and construction for three years from the date of purchase.

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Who is Razer owned by?

Razer Inc.

Type Public
Founders Min-Liang Tan Robert Krakoff
Headquarters Queenstown, Singapore Irvine, California, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Min-Liang Tan (CEO, Creative Director) Patricia Liu (Executive Director) Khaw Kheng Joo (COO)

Can I refund Razer gold?

Razer reserves the right at any time to change its fees and billing methods, either immediately upon posting/with notice, on the Razer Sites or by email delivery to you. ALL TRANSACTIONS MADE USING YOUR RAZER GOLD ARE FINAL AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

What is RazerCare elite?

Power Surge Protection (Essential and Elite) and Accidental Damage (Elite) begin day one and the remaining coverage takes effect once the manufacturer’s limited warranty has expired. If you purchase RazerCare after your product purchase, there is a 30 day wait period for Accidental Damage and Surge Protection claims.

Does Razer have a store?


Immerse yourself in the ultimate Razer experience as you get your hands on an impressive range of the best gaming products. Visit a RazerStore near you. Some of our retail stores are temporarily closed or offering limited services. Check store status before you visit.

How do I find my Razer serial number?

Find The Serial Number Of Your Razer Product

  1. On the surface of your product.
  2. On a Razer Mobile Phone in Settings > System > About phone > Model & hardware If you have the product’s original packaging, you can check the barcode to find the serial number.
  3. You may also choose a product below for additional details on locating the serial number on your product.