How do you upload a video to YouTube without sound?

Open the YouTube video editor page and drag the video you uploaded to your library. When on video editor, navigate to the audio tab and use the volume slider to mute the video. If that’s all you want, give a name to the new video (project) and click on the button Createvideo.

Can I remove audio from my YouTube video?

If the claim is for audio in the video, you have a few options to remove these restrictions: Trim out the part of the video with a copyright claim. Replace the song with audio from our Audio Library. Mute the song.

How can I remove audio from a video?

There are 2 best ways for it.

  1. Format Factory/Xilisoft video converter. (if u want to make dual audio movie into single audio). Just convert the movie and select the audio you want to keep . …
  2. The best option for MKV/AVI/MP4 format, Use “MKV toolnix”. Add any file as input and simply remove the audio file from selection.

How do I edit a video on YouTube to avoid copyright?

So, here´s how to edit your video to avoid copyright claims:

  1. Zoom in & out. As simple as it may sound if you can zoom in your video clip a bit you´ll be able to not be claimed by the rightful owner of the original clip as it´s seen as a way of transforming it into a different thing. …
  2. Add effects. …
  3. Speed up or slow down.
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How do I turn on sound for YouTube?

Look for the speaker icon at the bottom of the YouTube video. If you see an X by it, the sound is muted. Click the icon to enabled sound again. When you move your mouse over the icon, it automatically expands the volume slider; move the slider to the right to increase volume.

How do I unmute YouTube?

While on your video page on the YouTube website, click on the speaker icon and it’ll unmute your video.

How can I upload a video without sound?

Step 1: Tap on the + icon from the bottom bar to upload an Instagram post. Step 2: Record a video or select a pre-recorded video for uploading. Step 3: On the next page, tap on the speaker icon at the top to disable the audio from the recorded video.

How do I remove sound from a video on my phone?

After installing the app, open it from the apps menu. Now, scroll down to the Video section and select the option “Mute.” The app will automatically scan your device and shows all the videos. Browse through them and select the video you want to remove the audio.

How can I remove noise from a video online?

How to Remove Background Noise from Video:

  1. Upload Video. Upload your video (or audio) files to VEED — you can just drag & drop. It’s super-easy.
  2. Remove Background Noise. Click ‘Audio’, then simply press ‘Clean’. The background noise from your video will be removed automatically.
  3. Download.

How can you take the sound out of a video on iPhone?

You can detach the audio from a video clip so that you can remove the audio or edit it as a separate clip.

  1. With your project open, tap a video clip in the timeline to reveal the inspector at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the Actions button , then tap Detach. A new blue-colored audio clip appears beneath the video clip.