How do you unlock the Taishan mansion?

For Taishan Mansion to even appear on your map, you will need to get your Adventure Rank up to level 26. Once you have gotten this far, Taishan Mansion will appear on your map near Jueyen Karst. The doorway to Taishan Mansion will be underwater when you first arrive.

How do you unlock the Taishan mansion domain?

Taishan Mansion is one of the domains (dungeons) in Genshin Impact. You can unlock this domain when you reach Adventure Rank 27. However, the domain entrance is submerged in water. Furthermore, you probably can’t swim underwater as it’s not a feature of the game.

How do you solve the Taishan mansion?

In short, to solve the Taishan Mansion Puzzle you will need to drain the entire water from the lake. This requires you to interact with two pillars one at the lake corner and another one in the center. You can do a lot more in Genshin Impact.

How do you do Jueyun Karst?

Each one needs to be filled with a glowing rock. The glowing rocks can be found scattered around the lake; they look a bit like giant black flowers with glowing, orange bits. Players just need to attack the rocks until they break. After the rock is in their inventory, return to the statue and activate it with the rock.

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Can you go underwater in Genshin impact?

Players are only able to swim across the surface of water in Genshin Impact (until their stamina is depleted). … It turns out, players can use a combination of abilities to attack such underwater beacons, and ultimately earn an underwater treasure chest.

How do I unlock Dunyu ruins?

To begin, head to Dunyu Ruins first. It is located northeast of Lingju Pass. Go to the platform with the Geo statue which is magically blocked. To unlock the statue, you need to light the pyro statues.

How do I get into Taishan mansion Genshin impact?

To unlock Taishan Mansion in Genshin Impact, you have to go to the northeast corner of the Jueyun Karst area. At the top of the stairs, facing the lake, look to your right, and you’ll spot an orange “pillar” on top of a pedestal. That orange thing is actually a switch, so climb up the pedestal and activate the switch.

How do you get Primogems fast?

For anyone looking to earn more Wishes, these are the six best methods to farm the Primogems needed to make that happen for you in Genshin Impact.

  1. Blessing of the Welkin Moon.
  2. Daily Commissions. …
  3. Statues of the Seven. …
  4. Chests, Shrines, and Fast Travel Points. …
  5. Spiral Abyss. …
  6. Main Story Quests.

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How do I unlock Guizang formula?

You’ll need Diluc, Amber, Bennett, or Xiangling to light the pillars. The pillars you have to light are the three standing in front of the tallest structures in the circle, as you can see below. After you activate these three, the rest will light up and the floor will open, giving you access to the Domain.

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How do you unlock the ice statue in Genshin impact?

Use your sword to break the stone and collect Scarlet Quartz. These crystals will envelop characters with a kind of warming energy. While these small red crystals fly around your characters go to the Statue of the Seven and then use your sword and break the ice around it.

Where is Adepti in Jueyun Karst?

Meet the adepti in Jueyun Karst. Time to go meet the adepti! For this one fast travel back to Wangshu Inn and from there head south across 2 bridges untli you reach the split right outside the little camp set up by the Liyue guards (where the Waypoint is).

How do you get into the underwater Geoculus?

The first thing you need to do is light four torches that you can find in the area, so for this you will need a Pyro character. You can find one in the main ruined building, near the stairs that run up from the water. The second one is on the left platform that will be submerged when you arrive in the area.

How do you drain Dunyu ruins?

First you need to light all four torches around the Geo switch. There are two down below, one near the switch, and another up on the pillar close to the switch. When you get all of those, activate the Geo switch and the water will drain, now the tricky part comes in.