How do you smooth videos?

How Can I Make My Video shaky steady?

Here’s a quick way to fix and stabilize your shaky videos.

  1. Launch the YouTube video editor.
  2. Select the shaky video you want to stabilize.
  3. Click the Effects button that appears on the video thumbnail.
  4. Select either Auto-Fix or Stabilize Video option.
  5. Move the “Stabilize” slider until you’re happy.
  6. Click Save & Publish.

How do you take a smooth video without gimbal?

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  1. Use two hands to hold your camera.
  2. Hold the camera close to your body.
  3. Move with your body, not just your hands.
  4. Have three points of contact on the camera.
  5. Use a neck strap to add tension.
  6. Shoot with a stabilised lens or camera.
  7. Use the Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro.

How do I stabilize my video camera?

Let’s start!

  1. Use Your Camera Strap. Your camera strap is actually one of the handiest tools for stabilizing your camera. …
  2. Stabilize Your Camera with a String & a Screw. …
  3. The World is Your Tripod. …
  4. Turn a Basic Tripod Into a Steadicam for Moving Shots. …
  5. Use a Rubber Band.

How do I stabilize my camera for walking?

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  1. Steady your camera by pulling your camera’s strap tight against your neck.
  2. Attach a string to your camera, use your feet to create a base.
  3. Use sturdy stuff around you to place your camera on for an easy tripod.
  4. Utilize your tripod’s center bar as a makeshift monopod.
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How can I stabilize my shaky videos for free?

Let’s have a look at how you can stabilize your videos with these free online video stabilizers.

  1. EZGIF Online Video Stabilizer. Besides offering a quick and easy way to stabilize video clips, EZGIF platform also lets you crop, resize or rotate videos. …
  2. Video Stabilize. …
  3. YouTube Video Editor.

Can I stabilize a video after recording?

You can use some video stabilizer equipment to stabilize your phone or camera when shooting videos around. Or, you can fix the shaky videos in post-production with some vides stabilization software. There are many of such kind of video stabilizer software today.

Do I need a gimbal for video?

While gimbals are handy for shooting stills from tricky angles, they’re essential for videographers. With a gimbal, you have the freedom to film handheld, knowing you’ll end up with steady, blur-free footage. Think of it as the best way to hold a camera steady without a tripod.

What makes a good video?

The answer is surprisingly simple: A good video is a video enjoyed by its audience. Now, the audience may be you, your followers on social media or a client who hired you for a job. … Making a “good” video therefore implies that you know your audience and what they like to watch.