How do you set a woods timer 50007?

How do you program a woods digital timer?

To Program the Timer:

Press the MINUTE and HOUR buttons as necessary to set the ON time you want. To change from AM to PM toggle 12 times. Press the DAY button as necessary to choose the day or group of days you want for the time setting. Press the PROG button again to display the second ON/OFF setting “1 OFF —“.

How do you program a woods 50016 timer?

Woods 50016 digital timer for use with engine block heaters

Plug in timer to program; unplug to erase settings. After current time is set, P will flash to set time for block heater to start each day (3 hours before commute is ideal). Push the HOUR button to advance and PROGRAM to set.

How do you set a digital timer on a Westinghouse TV?

Press the «Prog» button for three seconds after selecting a mode. The first setting you can program is «Prog 1 On,» which will appear on the screen. Press the «Plus» and «Minus» buttons to set the time you want the timer to turn on, making sure to cycle through to «A.M.» or «P.M.»

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How do I set the timer on my ht1023?

Simply plug the timer into the outlet and attach the appliance’s power plug. The timer is programmable with 30-minute intervals; push pins down to set desire ‘ON’ times and pull pins up to set ‘OFF’ times. The pins are easy to use and built-in for convenience.

How does a timer switch work?

With timer operation, the Time Switch controls the output according to the set ON and OFF times. With pulse-output operation, the Time Switch outputs a pulse of a specified time width at the set ON time. Power turned ON by a Time Switch. warmed up before the employees come to work so that work can begin immediately.

How do you set a Stanley timer?

Put the «on/timer» switch located adjacent to the dial to the «timer» position and plug the timer into the outlet. 3. Set the current time — turning clockwise, align the arrowhead (See diagram) on the dial of the timer to the present time (lines above the numbers are in increments of 30 minutes).

How do I reset my outdoor light timer?

How to Reset an Outdoor Lighting Timer

  1. Locate the «Reset,» «Restart» or «R» button on your timer. Press and release the button to clear the timer’s programming and return it to factory settings.
  2. Set the time on your timer. …
  3. Set a lighting program for your outdoor timer.

How do you set a photocell timer?

PHOTOCELL AND TIMER ON/OFF: Remove the black nylon cap from photocell. To control the lights set the timer to turn On before dark between 12:00 – 4:00 PM. The photocell will activate the lights when it gets dark. The lights can be turned Off by the timer at a pre set time by setting your desired Off time.

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How do you program a Westinghouse outlet remote?

Push and HOLD the same button for about 3-5 seconds, you should see the LED on the base start blinking slowly. On the Remote, push the ON button and wait 2 seconds. Push the OFF button on the Remote, and you should see the LED on the base stop blinking. The remote should now be paired with the base.