How do you send a sms blast?

How do you send a blast text message on Iphone?

The feature you are looking for exists by using SMS. This can be done by toggling off iMessage and by toggling off «Group Messaging». Both of these settings are found in Settings > Messages. When iMessage and Group Messaging are off, you will be able to send a multiple recipeint text using SMS.

How does text blast work?

A ‘text blast’ is an SMS text message sent from a single source to a large group of people simultaneously. Most often used in the retail industry, sending a text message blast has been identified as the most effective way for businesses to connect with customers, raise brand awareness, and increase purchasing intent.

How do you send thousands of texts at once?

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that let you send SMS to a bigger audience with your Android device.

5 Android Apps for Sending SMS Messages in Bulk

  1. Multi SMS Sender. Image Gallery (2 Images) …
  2. Bulk SMS Plans. Image Gallery (3 Images) …
  3. Group Messaging. …
  4. Bulk SMS Sender (BSS)
  5. Multi SMS & Group SMS.
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Can you send a mass text on iPhone?

When sending a group SMS message, iPhone users are required to individually select and add each contact to the recipient list. … The BulkSMS App is an example of a bulk SMS messaging software that allows you to easily manage, send and receive SMS text messages to individuals in small or large groups from your iOS device.

Can I send a text to all my contacts at once on iPhone?

Tap «Compose» next to the «Select All» button and type the mass text you want to send to all contacts on your iPhone. … Hit Em Up will prompt you to send your message through your normal iPhone Messages App quickly for each person!

Can I send bulk SMS free?

Fast2SMS with Free Bulk SMS Service

Fast2SMS is one of the top Free bulk SMS service in India. With the help of its web-based app, Fast2SMS bulk SMS helps users send single or bulk SMSs from anywhere. With the help of this android app, individuals and businesses can send messages to all major cities across India.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

Unit Cost/Pricing for Bulk SMS (For Nigerian and International Delivery)

Recharge Volume Price Per Unit Number of Units
₦500 — ₦4,999 ₦1.99 251 — 2,512 units
₦5,000 — ₦49,999 ₦1.95 2,564 — 25,640 units
₦50,000 — ₦499,999 ₦1.90 26,315 — 263,157 units
₦500,000 — ₦4,999,999 ₦1.85 270,270 — 2,702,702 units

How can I send free SMS?

So let’s get started, send free text message now.

  1. Step 1 — Country code. Select the country to which you want to send your SMS by choosing a name from this list. …
  2. Step 2 — Enter the number of the recipient. …
  3. Step 3 — Send text. …
  4. Step 4 — Check the status. …
  5. Step 5 — Back to Start.
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What is the best text blast app for iPhone?

Reach is the best mass texting app to communicate with a large group of people in one go. Unlike messy group chats, Reach lets you create separate groups of people from your contacts list and send them personalized SMS or text messages, iMessages, emails, Google Voice messages, or even Whatsapp texts, effortlessly.

What is the best text message marketing service?

SimpleTexting is the best overall text message marketing service, SimpleTexting has the best pricing options, SlickText is the easiest to use, and Textedly is a featured sponsor. This article is for small businesses that are looking for an easy way to connect directly with their customers.

What is SMS blasting service?

SMS Blast is a bulk SMS text message that is sent to a large number of mobile phone numbers simultaneously via an automated text messaging system. Using SMS blast is a simple and cost-effective way to communicate in real time with a large number of mobile phone users.

How many SMS can you send at once?

Yes. The maximum length of text message that you can send is 918 characters. However, if you send more than 160 characters then your message will be broken down in to chunks of 153 characters before being sent to the recipient’s handset.

Is sending a large number of SMS messages?

Android does a number of things to keep you protected. … So by default, Android will check to make sure you haven’t sent more than 30 SMS messages to anyone within a span of 30 minutes.