How do you remove the front of a Thermaltake case?

How do you remove the front panel on a Thermaltake V200?

The V200 has 4 squeeze type plastic connectors on each side of the panel. Starting at the bottom squeeze a connector and pull from the front of the case panel. Do this both sides and then move up to the next one. maintain a pull pressure on the panel.

How do you open the front of an Antec case?

As you face the underside of the mobo tray, look to your left at the front wall of the case. You should see the bezel’s catches sticking through the front wall of the case, and you can pry them free to release the bezel (there are three on each edge of the bezel).

How do you remove the aerocool Cylon front panel?

At the bottom of the front panel, you will find a slit-like opening. Curl your fingers into the opening and pull to remove the front panel.