How do you link an icon in HTML?

How do you make an icon a link in HTML?

To insert an icon, add the name of the icon class to any inline HTML element. The and elements are widely used to add icons. All the icons in the icon libraries below, are scalable vector icons that can be customized with CSS (size, color, shadow, etc.)

How do I make an icon a hyperlink?

How do I give hyperlink to an image?

  1. Go to the block you wish to edit. Click on the EDIT icon .
  2. Click on the image you want to make into a linked image.
  3. In the toolbar, click the URL LINK icon .
  4. Provide the Web site address (URL) you want the image to link to when a recipient clicks on it. Click on UPDATE.
  5. Click SAVE.

How do I use an image as an icon in HTML?

Give your span a class name. Set your icon as a background-image. Set background-size. If it doesn’t work, add style to span and set width and height the same as you set to background-size.

What is favicon in HTML?

A favicon is a graphic image (icon) associated with a particular Web page and/or Web site. Many recent user agents (such as graphical browsers and newsreaders) display them as a visual reminder of the Web site identity in the address bar or in tabs. The wikipedia includes an article about favicons [FAVICON-WIKIPEDIA].

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How do I make an image a URL?

Make an Image a Link

  1. Use the Insert menu and Image to add your image to the page.
  2. Select (or click) the image and you will see the Image Option dialogue box appear: use the Change link.
  3. Either choose the page you wish to link to or go to the Web address tab and add the URL you want to link to.

How do I embed a link into an image?

Inserting Hyperlinks in Images

Highlight the image by clicking and dragging your cursor over it. Note: You must highlight the image this way instead of just clicking to select it if you want to insert a hyperlink. Next, select the “Insert Link” icon at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+K.

How do I change the icon on my website?

Changing the page icon (Favicon)

  1. Go to your website editor and click on «Website Template» and then «Advanced settings» in the toolbar.
  2. Click on «Website icon (Favicon)».
  3. Click «Browse» and choose the . ico file from your computer or one already uploaded to Webnode.
  4. Click «OK».
  5. Check out your Favicon in the address of your site!

How do you add a title icon in HTML?

The first way of adding favicons¶

  1. The image must be square dimensioned in any image format (ico, jpg, bmp, gif, png) to appear in browsers properly. …
  2. You must convert your image into the . …
  3. Opening the tool, you must upload your image file. …
  4. Download the image and save your . …
  5. Rename the file to favicon.
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How do I create an icon for my website?

In this article, we’re going to talk about why you might want to create your own custom icons.

Website Icon Conclusion

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Choose the website icons you want to use and customize them.
  3. Add the new icons to your website.

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