How do you launch cards?

Your thumb should come up off the deck slightly, launching them out and away, rather than down. A bit of wetness on the pad of your thumb should help.

Who is the best card thrower?

World records. Rick Smith Jr. currently holds three Guinness World Records for his work in card throwing: The world record for the farthest playing card throw at 216 feet 4 inches (3/21/02)

Can throwing cards kill?

The impressive speed that magicians could throw the cards gave rise to a myth that a card could kill or seriously injure someone if thrown correctly by a person with enough force. … The hosts concluded that a playing card lacks enough mass to transfer sufficient energy to human tissue on impact.

How do you make a card disappear in magic?

The sections of your inner fingers between your first and second knuckles should be roughly parallel to the card. Uncurl your inner fingers to make the card «disappear.» Straightening your fingers while maintaining your grip will bring the card to the back of your hand.