How do you install a Smartboard trim?

What is LP trim?

LP® SmartSide® Trim is the finishing touch that’s the first to get noticed. With its deep cedar-grain texture and variety of widths and thicknesses, you can add custom design accents that take curb appeal to the next level.

Does LP SmartSide need sheathing?

You do NOT need to install OSB or plywood sheathing before installing the LP SmartSide product and racking force from shear wind becomes much less of an issue due to the increased strength of the exterior walls. … LP SmartSide Siding Installed on Single Wall Construction = an Asset.

What is the difference between SmartSide 38 and 76?

What’s the difference between Series 38 and Series 76 Lap Siding? Other than material thickness, one main difference is 38 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs spaced a maximum of 16 inches o.c. whereas 76 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs a maximum of 24 inches o.c.

What nails do you use for LP SmartSide?

Nailing Requirements

Using a nail gun makes quick work of installing LP SmartSide products. You’ll want to use a minimum of . 113-inch shank diameter hot-dipped galvanized box-style nails with a minimum of 0.27-inch head diameter. The nails should be long enough to penetrate the structural framing by at least one inch.

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How much does it cost to install LP SmartSide?

LP SmartSide cost: $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot for siding and all trim accessories. LP SmartSide installation: $5.00 to $10.00 per square foot. LP SmartSide total cost: $7.00 – 14.00 per square foot. LP SmartSide ROI: 82% to 87%

What kind of nails do you use for fascia?

It calls for 2-inch, 16-gauge, corrosion-resistant finish nails only when you are attaching fascia to double sub-fascia. Nails should not be closer than 1 1/4 inches from the edges and no nearer than one inch from the ends. With pneumatic nailing, Hardie Trim recommends driving the finish nails flush.

Does window trim go over siding?

I have always butted the siding to the window frame, run the trim over the siding and then caulked the edge which seals the gaps. This provides the best waterproofing IMHO. Cut a rabbet into the trim piece and your siding tucks behind the trim, and you also get a nice fit to the window.

Do you nail J Channel tight?

Install the J-channel exterior siding trim around all four sides of your windows and doors. Install the J-channel against the casing and nail it to the wall without driving too tight [fig. H].

Do you need J channel around windows?

Traditionally, j-channel was a siding trim molding fastened around windows and doors which then received the siding. Some modern vinyl windows, however, incorporate a j-channel right into the window itself. There is no need to add another j-channel.

How often does LP SmartSide need to be painted?

a. LP® SmartSide® products should be painted as soon as possible after installation. They must be painted within 180-days of installation.

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How thick is smart trim?

For rigid foam sheathing greater than 1 inch (25.4 mm) thick, a minimum 1-1/2 inches (38.1 mm) thick by 3-1/2 inches (88.9 mm) wide vertical strapping or furring strip must be installed over the sheathing to provide a solid, level nailing base for the trim.

Is LP Smart Siding any good?

LP SmartSide® is a great product that I have yet to find a single failure on, but I suspect I’ll be seeing failures soon enough, because I find installation errors on nearly every home I inspect. If you install LP SmartSide®, don’t make these mistakes.