How do I use WinDbg EXE?

How do I open a WinDbg dump file?

If WinDbg is already running and is in dormant mode, you can open a dump by choosing Open Crash Dump from the File menu or by pressing CTRL+D.

How use WinDbg dump file?

To use WinDbg, you have to jump through a couple of hoops:

  1. Start WinDbg.
  2. Open the dump file. ( Ctrl + D by default)
  3. Tell WinDbg to go get the correct MicroSoft symbol files. Type . …
  4. Tell WinDbg where the symbols (PDB files) are. Type . …
  5. Tell WinDbg where the source code is. Type . …
  6. Tell WinDbg to analyze the dump file.

10 авг. 2014 г.

How do I install a WinDbg tool?


  1. Download Windbg at Download Debugging Tools for Windows — WinDbg — Windows drivers.
  2. Install windbg to the default location. ( …
  3. Launch gflags.exe (Ex: C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Debuggersx64gflags.exe)
  4. Select the Image File (tab)
  5. Enter the application name under the Image field (Ex: winword.exe)

How do you use WinDbg to analyze a crash dump?

Crash Dump Analysis in WinDbg

  1. Start WinDbg.
  2. From the File menu, click Open Crash Dump.
  3. Choose the . dmp (memory. …
  4. In the command window at the bottom, enter ! …
  5. You can see the progress of the analysis on the bottom-left of the screen. …
  6. In order to quit, enter q in the command window, and press Enter.
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Where are dump files located?

dmp means this is the first dump file on 17th August 2020. You can find these files in the%SystemRoot%Minidump folder in your PC.

How do I open WinDbg EXE?

Launch Notepad and attach WinDbg

  1. Navigate to your installation directory, and open WinDbg.exe.
  2. The debugger documentation is also available on line at
  3. On the File menu, choose Open Executable. …
  4. Near the bottom of the WinDbg window, in the command line, enter this command:

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How do I read a BSOD dump?

  1. Step 1: Download the Debugging Tools for Windows. …
  2. Step 2: Run the Setup for the SDK. …
  3. Step 3: Wait for the Installer. …
  4. Step 4: Run WinDbg. …
  5. Step 5: Set the Symbol Path. …
  6. Step 6: Input the Symbols File Path. …
  7. Step 7: Save the Workspace. …
  8. Step 8: Open the Crash Dump.

How do you analyze memory dump?

3 Ways to Analyze Memory Dump (. dmp) File

  1. BlueScreenView. BlueScreenView is a small and portable tool developed by NirSoft that is capable of quickly showing you which file caused the blue screen. …
  2. WhoCrashed. WhoCrashed Home Edition also does pretty much the same thing as BlueScreenView except it tries to be more user friendly. …
  3. Manually Analyzing Minidumps.

How do I set up WinDBG?

To create and set a symbol path, do the following.

  1. Start a blank instance of WinDBG by going to: …
  2. In the WinDBG panel, go to: …
  3. Copy the highlighted text below and paste it into the Symbol Search Path box, and click OK — there is no confirmation. …
  4. Save the symbol path by going to: …
  5. Close WinDBG.
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What is Windbg tool?

The Windows Debugger (WinDbg) can be used to debug kernel-mode and user-mode code, analyze crash dumps, and examine the CPU registers while the code executes. To get started with Windows debugging, see Getting Started with Windows Debugging.

Where is Windbg located?

Windbg. Location of Windbg: & «C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Debuggersx64windbg.exe» . dbg64SumatraPDF-no-MUPDF.exe.

How do you debug?

7 Steps to Debug Efficiently and Effectively

  1. 1) Always Reproduce the Bug Before You Start Changing Code.
  2. 2) Understand Stack Traces.
  3. 3) Write a Test Case that Reproduces the Bug.
  4. 4) Know Your Error Codes.
  5. 5) Google! Bing! Duck! Duck! Go!
  6. 6) Pair Program Your Way Out of It.
  7. 7) Celebrate Your Fix.

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How do I debug BSOD?

Debugging steps

  1. Verify that the computer is set up to generate a complete memory dump file when a crash occurs. …
  2. Locate the memory. …
  3. On the other computer, download the Windows 10 SDK.
  4. Start the install and choose Debugging Tools for Windows. …
  5. Click on Open Crash Dump, and then open the memory.

8 окт. 2020 г.

How do I read a minidump file?

Navigate to «C:WindowsMinidump» and select the most recent minidump file. Type «! analyze -v» (without quotes) in the input box near the bottom of the debugger. View the results.

How do I analyze a Windows memory dump file?

How to view the contents of a dump file in Windows 10

  1. Download and install WinDbg Preview. The first step is to download and install WinDbg Preview. …
  2. Open WinDbg Preview and load the dump file. After WinDbg Preview installs, you can find its shortcut in the Start Menu. …
  3. Run the ! analyze command on the dump file. …
  4. Interpret the dump file.
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