How do I use my video card instead of onboard?

Simply right click on the game icon and hover your pointer over «Run with graphics processor». You could choose from the options as «integrated graphics» and «High performance Nvidia Graphics». That works on windows 7. No need to look into BIOS.

How do I switch between integrated and dedicated graphics?

Most modern laptops use Nvidia Optimus to switch between integrated and dedicated graphics (right-click the desktop, start Nvidia Control Panel, go to Manage 3D settings and see if it lets you select which GPU is preferred). The way Optimus works is that the Intel GPU is always on and always drives the screen.

How do I disable onboard video card in BIOS?

How to Disable the Onboard Graphics in BIOS

  1. Enter BIOS Setup.
  2. Go to Advanced Menu.
  3. Go to Chipset Configuration Menu.
  4. Go to Internal Graphics Menu.
  5. Set the Internal Graphics Mode to Disable or choose PEG/PCI instead of Auto or IGFX. (IGFX means the onboard graphics).
  6. If you also have a Multi Monitors option set this to disable.
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How do I switch my graphics card to built in?

Switching between discrete and integrated graphics (Windows)

  1. Close Live.
  2. Right click on the Live desktop icon.
  3. Click «Run with graphics processor → Integrated Graphics».
  4. Launch Live to see if performance is improved.

How do I switch between 2 graphics cards?

To switch to your NVidia dedicated GPU, Right-click the blank space on the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel to switch between two graphics manually under Manage 3D Settings > Preferred Graphics Processor.

Do I need to disable onboard graphics card?

The integrated graphics should be disabled as default when using a dedicated gpu connected via a source of its I/o. There shouldn’t be a need to disable it in the BIOS. You can try to completely start fresh with your graphics driver for troubleshooting if nothing else works.

How do I disable onboard graphics in Device Manager?

START > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Display Adapters. Right click on the listed display (common is the intel integrated graphics accelerator) and select DISABLE.

How do I disable my video card?

Onboard video card

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Click the + or > symbol next to the Display adapters option in the list.
  3. Right-click the onboard video card.
  4. In the pop-up menu that opens, select the Disable device option.

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How do I switch on board graphics?

  1. Restart or power on the computer. …
  2. Select «Exit/Advanced Mode,» then «Advanced Mode.» Use the directional pad to select the «Advanced» tab.
  3. Scroll to «System Agent Configuration» and then press «Enter.»
  4. Select «Initiate Graphics Adapter» and then press «+» or «-» to change the value to «iGPU.»
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How do I disable Intel HD graphics and use Nvidia?

Originally Answered: How do we disable Intel HD graphics and use Nvidia? hey!! go right click on start and in the options which comes click device manager…go to display adapter and choose intel graphics..then they will show a option to disable..

How do I switch from AMD to integrated graphics to GPU?

Switching to Your PC’s Dedicated GPU (AMD)

  1. Open the AMD Radeon settings.
  2. One way to do this is by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop and selecting AMD Radeon settings.
  3. Navigate to System > Switchable graphics.
  4. Locate your game using the search bar.
  5. Select the game and choose High performance from the drop-down menu.

How do I switch between graphics cards in Windows 10?

How to set a default graphics card

  1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel. …
  2. Select Manage 3D Settings under 3D Settings.
  3. Click on the Program Settings tab and select the program you want to choose a graphics card for from the drop down list.

Why does laptop have 2 graphics cards?

The point of the 2 is to enable your laptop to use a lower battery consumption when you don’t need the power of a high-spec GPU. Most of the things you do on the laptop probably don’t need high-spec graphics. There should be an application running that associates applications with each graphics card.

Can a laptop have 2 graphics cards?

Some laptops do have 2 graphics cards built in. These are normally ones that are made to do 3d work, video or photo editing and gaming. Some laptops do allow you to put your own gpu in as long as it is compatible with the motherboard.