How do I unlock the OSD on my monitor?

The OSD lock can be enabled or disabled by pressing and holding the Menu button on the front panel for 10 seconds. If the OSD is locked, the warning message OSD Lock displays for ten seconds. If the OSD is locked, press and hold the Menu button for 10 seconds to unlock the OSD.

How do I turn off OSD lock?

To remove the OSD Lockout message, release the Menu button (if something was pressing against it), and press and hold the Menu button again for about 10 seconds — until the message goes away.

How do I unlock my monitor settings?

Find the Menu button on your Monitor and press and hold your finger on it for 10 seconds. Initially the Menu will appear and after 10 seconds of holding the Menu button, it will disappear.

How do I unlock my LG monitor OSD?

To lock the OSD settings, press and hold the MENU buttonfor several seconds. The message «OSD LOCKED» appears. You can unlock the OSD settings at any time by pushing the MENU button for several seconds. The message «OSD UNLOCKED» appears.

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How do I remove screen lock from Monitor?

How to disable the lock screen in the Pro edition of Windows 10

  1. Right-click the Start button.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Type gpedit and hit Enter on your keyboard.
  4. Double-click Administrative Templates.
  5. Double-click Control Panel.
  6. Click Personalization.
  7. Double-click Do not display the lock screen.
  8. Click Enabled.

11 июн. 2018 г.

Where is the OSD button?

This menu, called the OSD, may be activated by pressing the Menu button located on the side or front of your monitor. Once the OSD appears on the screen, you can navigate through the menu and make adjustments using the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons, which are usually located right next to the menu button.

What is OSD timeout?

An OSD timeout refers to the period of time between the moment you stop using the menu and the moment the menu disappears. … If your device does not have an OSD timeout it will continue to display the information until you manually leave the menu or turn off the device.

How do I reset my monitor settings?

How to reset the LCD monitor to the default settings.

  1. On the front of the monitor, press the MENU button.
  2. In the MENU window, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons to select the RESET icon.
  3. Press the OK button.
  4. In the RESET window, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW buttons to select either OK or ALL RESET.
  5. Press the OK button.
  6. Press the MENU button.

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Why is there a lock symbol on my monitor?

It’s called a Kensington lock, or Kensington security slot, and it provides an attachment point for a cable to prevent your monitor from being moved or stolen.

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How do I turn off key lock?

If you want to avoid accidental key taps, you can lock the phone keys and display.

  1. Select one of the following options: Turn key lock on or off, go to 1a. …
  2. To turn on the key lock: Briefly tap On/Off. …
  3. To turn off the key lock: …
  4. Tap Applications.
  5. Tap Settings.
  6. Tap Display.
  7. Tap Screen time-out.
  8. Tap the required period.

How do I change the settings on my LG monitor?

When adjusting your display settings, always press the AUTO button before entering the On Screen Display(OSD). (Only Analog Mode) This will automatically adjust your display image to the ideal settings for the current screen resolution size (display mode).

How do you unlock pll2210mw?

Press and hold the 1 button and the ▼ button for 3 seconds to lock all 5 buttons. The LED LCD Monitor will show an “Lock Out” message for 5~10 seconds and the message will disappear automatically. Repeat this step to unlock.

How do I remove OSD lock from Dell monitor?

Press and hold the main menu button on the monitor for 10-15 seconds. The lock symbol should change to an open padlock.

How do I stop my computer from locking after inactivity?

Go to «Appearance and Personalization» Click on «Change screen saver» underneath Personalization on the right (or search in the top right as the option appears to be gone in recent version of windows 10) Under Screen saver, there is an option to wait for «x» minutes to show the log off screen (See below)