How do I run TrustedInstaller?

Right-click the TrustedInstaller service and click Start. Switch back to the Processes tab, right-click TrustedInstaller.exe , click Miscellaneous and click Run as this user… Type the program you want to run as TrustedInstaller — e.g., Command Prompt ( cmd.exe ), and click OK.

How do I become TrustedInstaller on Windows 10?

Get Permission from TrustedInstaller on Windows 10

  1. Open your File Explorer, and then navigate to the file or folder that states the error “you require permission from TrustedInstaller”, and right-click it and select the Properties.
  2. In the Properties window, navigate to the Security tab and click on the Advanced button.

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Why is TrustedInstaller always running?

Why does TrustedInstaller.exe keep running? The Trustedinstaller.exe process is always running because Microsoft designed its code to do precisely that. … The automatic check for Windows updates operation, for example, cannot be executed (without input from users) if the process is inactive.

Can I kill TrustedInstaller EXE?

Bring up your Task Manager by pressing on Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously. On the Processes tab, look for and select trustedinstaller.exe. Click End process to kill trustedinstaller.exe.

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Is TrustedInstaller a virus?

TrustedInstaller “Virus”

TrustedInstaller.exe is malware that is capable of compromising your computer by performing series of unwanted activities.

How do I take ownership of TrustedInstaller?

To take ownership of the object, click on the Edit button. Givepermission to User Account control (UAC). Then highlight the user name in the “Change owner to” box that you want to assign as the owner for the object. Click “OK” to finish the process.

Why do I need permission to delete files?

The error You’ll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder appears mostly due to the security and privacy features of the Windows 10 operating system. Some actions require users to provide administrator permission to delete, copy or even rename files or change settings.

How do I stop TrustedInstaller from running?

Click on the System Configuration tab. Click the Services Tab. Locate and uncheck the Windows Module Installer tick box. Click OK save your changes and exit the dialog box.

Do I need TrustedInstaller?

The TrustedInstaller user account is used by the Windows Modules Installer service included with Windows. This service is responsible for installing, modifying, and removing Windows updates and other optional Windows components, so it has the exclusive ability to modify them.

Why is system idle process so high?

If your computer has a multi-core processor (e.g., a six-core or eight-core), you may see a high System Idle Process percent when few or no software programs are running on your computer. Also, even if programs are open, the System Idle Process can still be high if the processor is waiting for something to do.

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Why is TrustedInstaller the owner?

The TrustedInstaller user account owns your system files and folders and protected registry keys for a reason. If you rename or edit any of these items, Windows will stop functioning and you’ll likely have to repair it or even reinstall it.

Is it safe to stop Windows module installer?

Can I Disable It? You’ll see some bad advice online recommending you should disable the Windows Modules Installer system service to prevent this from happening. This will prevent Windows from installing updates properly, and you shouldn’t do it.

Who is TrustedInstaller in Windows 10?

The TrustedInstaller.exe is a Windows Module Installer service in Windows OS which performs the function of installing, modifying and removing system components and Windows updates. Sometimes, you might require deleting a file or folder managed by TrustedInstaller.

How do I remove Internet Explorer TrustedInstaller?


  1. Click Control Panel>>Programs>>Programs and Features.
  2. On Programs and Features, and at left side click “view installed updates».
  3. Check the Microsoft windows list, you’ll see internet explorer 10.
  4. Uninstall and your computer will revert back to IE9.

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