How do I restart NOX player?

How do you restart NOX?

In the AVD Manager, you can click on «Cold Boot Now» under «Actions» column of the device you want to reboot. You can just close the emulator window.

Here is a quick way to restart/ reboot emulator:

  1. Go to «Android Virtual Device Manager»
  2. Click on the dropdown menu in «Action» column.
  3. Select «Cold Boot Now» option in menu.

Why is my NOX player not working?

By default, the virtual memory (also known as paging file) size is managed by Windows and it could change automatically. This may cause the above problem “Nox App Player has stopped working”. … In the System Properties windows, go to Advanced tab and click Settings under Performance.

How do I start NOX player?

The steps are really simple!

  1. Go to the official website: and click the download button.
  2. Double click the installer once finished downloading and choose Install.
  3. Once installation finished, click Start to start using Nox!
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1 февр. 2016 г.

How do you fix NOX launcher has stopped?

unfortunately, nox launcher has stopped

  1. Reinstall Nox.
  2. shut off internet access or pulling the ethernet cable.
  3. force-close Nox from Task Manager (if open)
  4. deactivate a firewall/antivirus.
  5. initiate Nox.
  6. if same error, repeat 3-5 until it works.
  7. restore all firewall/anitvirus.
  8. restore internet access.

How do I fix NOX has to reboot?

How to solve Error 1006 – Nox has to reboot for some reason

  1. Click settings.
  2. Choose 【Performance settings】
  3. Try both the graphic rendering mode to check if your problems.
  4. Save settings and restart the emulator.

27 окт. 2017 г.

How do I restore NOX backup?

The backup/restore data feature is very useful when you want to reinstall Nox without losing all your data. For instance,If you’re using a guest account to log in the game, please make sure that back up/import the data before you clean up disk space. Or else, all data will be not restored.

How do you fix a stuck 99 NOX?

If you start the emulator normally before and it stucks at 99% suddenly, please try to create a new emulator:

  1. Click Mul-drive on the toolbar.
  2. Click to choose the Andriod version or directly click 【Add emulator】
  3. Run the new emulator.

How do I fix NOX black screen?

You are running a heavy game with low performance settings in Nox. If the game you’re playing is a terrible game, then you need more CPU and RAM for the Nox to make sure it can run. This can be done in Nox System Settings> Advanced> Performance Setting> make the necessary changes and click Save Changes .

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Why is my NOX screen black?

Black screen and black glitches issue in the games/apps in Nox App Player are usually related to your graphics card and driver. Please note that the below integrated graphics card are not supported by Nox: Intel G33/G31 Chipset Family.

Is NOX player a virus?

Installing it includes some bloatware and advertisements; be careful not to accept any of the extra offers when running the Nox installer. It is not a virus, but there’s (somewhat unfounded) speculation that it might collect user data or perform some other undesirable behavior.

What’s better NOX or bluestacks?

Nox is known for being more robust than BlueStacks. In fact, it is so light that even a Windows XP PC could run it. It is also supported by Windows Vista and every version that comes after that. For the CPU requirement, any Intel or AMD dual-core processor should be enough.

How do I change NOX to English?

Click the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the Player window. Go to General—Language, and you will be able to change between Chinese/English/Japanese/Korea in the drop-down menu. Click Save Changes and the language will be refreshed.

How do I fix NOX app player?

Do not change any thing in this tool provided unless you know what you are doing.

  1. Run Nox App Player as administrator (right-click nox.exe or the Nox icon on your desktop and choose “Run as administrator”)
  2. Download this software called “Windows Repair“, unzip it to your computer.

17 авг. 2015 г.

How do I fix launcher has stopped?

I’m guessing you are talking about launchers on android phones. If so, the launcher usually is considered to be the home screens and app drawer. ​To resolve the error, goto settings -> Apps -> All Apps -> Scroll down to Launcher -> click Launcher -> Click clear cache -> Restart phone.

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How do I uninstall NOX?

Head to Start Menu > Click Programs and Features. Then you will turn to Programs and Features window. From there, find the Nox App Player you want to uninstall and click on it. You should see an “Uninstall/Change” button show up at the top of the pane.